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I miss console ads being this weird
  • Seriously, that is not the message this ad is putting out. It's about PlayStation being a drug, like ecstasy pills

    Your right it's not clever but it's pretty clear it's nothing to do with woman being sluts.

  • Kim's sister denies North Korea has supplied weapons to Russia
  • Paper tiger economy or military?

    They are making big gains right now unfortunately so it would be wise not to understimate them just like Poland aren't or France with the latter re arming at a rate not seen since WW2.

    Why would they be doing this if not for the threat Russia poses.

    The other overlooked factor here is they will have the most experienced and battle hardened military in the world at the end of this (well the soldiers that survive at least) But their generals and commanders are certainly getting real world experience that's very valuable.

  • Cyclists blame "utterly ridiculous bike prices" for brands' ongoing struggles
  • I did one a few years back to my mountain bike..mid drive motor driving the rear wheel. It was a nice little project.

    Bafang make the kits and it had lots of power..I could cruise with throttle only at 40kph!

    I sold it to fund a motorbike in the end.

  • Think of the CHILDREN!
  • I'm genuinely curious at the downvotes to you here, do people really think a 6 year old would know they're trans?

    I have no issues with what someone wants to do with their body but to the above question do people believe this?

  • Issue with double tap to zoom on images.

    As per title, after the update today I'm unable to double tap to zoom an image. I have to open it, close it and on second opening double tap to zoom works.

    Anybody else have the same issue?