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Stop panicking. Replacing Biden on ballots isn't a problem.
  • I’m down to vote for who the fuck ever can beat Trump. I honestly don’t care at this point as long as Project 2025 and Trump are stopped. FAR too many people are going to be hurt by that and I’ll do whatever it takes to see that not happen.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns anti-Biden Democrats about what comes next if they succeed
  • And as I’ve said before- I’m not talking about the legit FAR LEFT. I’ve no problem with them. I’m taking about the “far left.” By that I mean MAGA trolls that are here in bad faith to urge people not to vote I. Support of Trump.

    There’s a HUGE difference.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns anti-Biden Democrats about what comes next if they succeed
  • The way ili see it is., the “far left” crowd are demanding sparkling water and refuse to drink from the tap with everyone else-

    And not only this, but they intend to destroy the tap so no one else can drink from it because it doesn’t provide what they feel they are entitled to. Regardless of what everyone else feels or wants.

    And the irony is- they cry and whine about how America should be a socialist system, but feel that their needs should be met by the government, and don’t care about what everyone wants as a whole.

    And what they don’t understand is, whoever ends up in the White House- will be playing the same fucking game Biden did. Because that’s how politics work. It’s negotiation and co promise.

    But they’d rather watch America burn than even try to accept this fundamental truth.

  • Political Memes JimSamtanko

    The "Don't vote" crowd seems to have an agenda

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    Wait... this is going to be a thing?

    Fuck I mean, hell yes! Hope it does well!


    Is there ever going to be a way to post images from this instance?

    I always get the “file size too large” or whatever the error is when trying to post images as comments. I’ve asked and was told that it’s’s limitation on posts/comments.


    Is there any way to avoid having to see a mod removing a single user from 20 different communities in the modlog?

    I like to stay active within the mod community and stay on top of what’s going on in the back-end of lemmy, and there is a certain few mods that when they don’t like what someone posts, they remove them from every community they mod- which is MANY. Even if the person only ever posted in one of them.

    It’s sucks this is even allowed, but I get that if it wasn’t, the alternative might not be better.

    Is there ever going to be a way to collapse the modlogs down to specific moderators, or even filter out the obnoxious ones?


    Is there any way to allow for blocked mods to not appear in mod logs?

    There’s a few mods that pretty much remove/ban EVERYONE and EVERYTHING they see that goes against whatever it is they believe in. And in scrolling the mod logs, these people dominate the feed. Is there any way to make them not show up?

    Worse yet, there’s a specific mod that will ban people from every community they moderate, if someone so much as steps out of line in just one of them.

    This is incredibly annoying to have to weed through.


    I can no longer share images/gifs as images.

    It shares a link to the post now where it used to share the image.


    Any time I try and post a gif/pictute, it errors saying image size too large.

    Regardless of what I’m sharing. Is it that photos/gifs cannot be shared with Voyager?