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JetpackJackson JetpackJackson

Currently learning German. I have another account on, [email protected]. But I haven't used it in a while.

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Do people hate you online too?
  • Why? You haven't given me reason to. You seem like a nice person!

  • Do people hate you online too?
  • I don't hate you wesker

  • [Silly Thought Exercise] What over-the-top absurd person would you choose to replace Biden who you think could actually body Trump, and why?
  • Oh hell yes. Barely know anything about him (just started reading Guards, Guards!) but yes.

  • [Silly Thought Exercise] What over-the-top absurd person would you choose to replace Biden who you think could actually body Trump, and why?
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or maybe Cyclops or Magneto if we're allowed fictional characters. I think it would be funny

  • Umzug der Userdaten von -> leicht gemacht
  • Ach so, ok, danke sehr für die Erklärung! Jetzt frage ich, muss ich nach wechseln oder sollte ich für Wintermutes Rückkehr warten?

  • Snug
  • Almost looks like he's smirking

  • Teensy Weensy Screechie
  • How I probably look right when I wake up

  • We are not the same
  • Oooh those are nice! I'll have to try mpc shuffle out then, and even though I generate my playlists with beets, I'll definitely try out the save to playlist one!

  • We are not the same
  • this is how it looks on my end (for some reason I can't upload photos rn, it errors out)

  • We are not the same
  • #!/usr/bin/env bash
    mpc load $1
    mpc volume 80
    mpc random on
    mpc play

    Name it shufflenplay so then you can shufflenplay <playlist name>

  • Why English language is sometimes "lazy", sometimes not
  • Thank you! That looks really interesting!

  • Why English language is sometimes "lazy", sometimes not
  • I've never thought about it like that before! Thanks for giving me a new way to look at my native language lol

  • Cat in long grass
  • Aw pretty kitty

  • Faust tips?

    Hi, I just started getting back into guilty gear after a long hiatus and I feel like I've forgotten everything lol. I'm reading the wiki again but I still feel like I'm flailing around and not getting anywhere. Got any tips for me to get back on my feet and not get pummeled to dust (other than the wiki and practice)? Playing XX Accent Core Plus R if that changes things. Thanks in advance!


    FOSS alternative to... Sending Spotify links?

    This is probably a dumb question but what is a better way to send a link to a song to friends without using Spotify? I don't use Spotify anymore so I don't like going back to that website just to copy a song link so people could hear it. I know I could send something like a YouTube link but I'm trying to degoogle so I wanted to see if there was an alternative? Can you send songs as links? Idk I just randomly thought about this and wanted to ask if I'm being weird or something Thanks in advance

    (Edited to fix typo)


    Question About Glove80 and Multilayer Layout

    Hi, I've been looking into possibly buying a Glove80 but I'm confused about how it handles keyboard layouts software-wise.

    For example, on my PC I can set my software layout to be whatever I want from the keymaps available, but since the Glove80 seems to have it's own software to map layouts, I'm not sure how it would work with the Bone layout (which is the layout I'm trying to learn... I'm still too slow with it). The Bone layout has 6 layers that are activated through combinations of CapsLock and the Alt keys, does this software functionality carry over to the Glove80's software or do I need to make a keymap for it and manually map all the Bone keys? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, I just don't know how this works. Thanks in advance.


    What was your first Pokemon card? What was your favorite?

    My first two cards were a Meowth and a Geodude. I still have the Meowth but I traded the Geodude at some point :( I think my favorites are the Meowth, my Mewtwo from my history teacher, my Reshiram EX from my friend, and a random Kabuto card that happens to be in German.


    Robotaxis in California (article)

    Man I just read this article and this is nuts if true. I can't imagine ever willingly stepping inside a driverless car for any reason...