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Where am I?

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Janice the Rabbit Girl From 1999's Chrono Cross (Pin-Up)
  • Is this AI? The hand looks fucked up.

  • Graffiti Alley
  • It's just off of an outdoor paid parking lot.

  • Graffiti Alley
  • Not 100% sure I was just visiting. It's a block away from No Land Beyond the local card store.

  • Graffiti Alley

    This alley is in downtown Baltimore


    Natural Armor

    This cool grasshopper was chilling on my car.

    I have a confession to make
  • Um... there there. It's OK.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • I was given this nickname by an old guy at work that knew I was good with computers. Never actually owned an ipod lol.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • Cause they are owned by American billionaires and as such are more ethical. /s

  • Name this monstrosity
  • Operation Outhouse.

  • Wild New Study Suggests Gravity Can Exist Without Mass
  • Huh... I'm not smart enough to comment on the validity of this but it seems interesting.

  • Neptune - Alarmingly Bad
  • I'm laughing so hard. I'm so high.

  • Who is watching this?!
  • Yup... I don't get.

  • Self Promotion ipodjockey

    Outdoor Sports Kickstarter

    My wife owns her own outdoor clothing brand / screen printing business called DaylightBrand. They focus on building community and outdoor activities. They have a kickstarter going with the goal of buying a trailer for events and storage.

    If you have a moment to like or comment on the linked video that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    Biden says he’s accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Trump on June 27
  • If both candidates are morally reprehensible and the political elite refuse to give the voters better options. Then revolution and overthrow of the government is the only ethical course of action available.

    I think you are describing a path of political damage control, but I am of the opinion that the political parties are two sides of the same right-wing coin. A vote for either results in our rights being stripped away to benefit the wealthy class. It's just a matter of speed and approach. Also, there is an argument to be made that minorities are already living under severe state oppression and to uphold the system as is only benefits the white majority.

    At some point I have to pull the moral rip cord and stop participating in a immoral system as much as possible. Otherwise I am just an enabler.

    I think there is better way to run human society and I don't think the American Republic as is has a path towards that.

    I think we might be the bad guys...

  • Biden says he’s accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Trump on June 27
  • I've heard this sentiment from many other people, and I understand where you are coming from. Six months ago I would have said the same.

    But, I can't stomach it anymore. I saw a video yesterday of Palestinian boy the same age as my youngest. He was screaming in frustration because his family is dying of thirst. The innocent rage on his face and the tears of hopelessness were like a punch in the gut.

    What Israel has done to Palestine and is currently doing is evil. Straight up Nazi-like genocide and ethnic cleansing. They have concentration camps... It's fucking awful. And the bombs that are killing those babies are paid for with our taxes and labor. And we can see it happening in real time, they aren't even trying to hide it.

    Biden might not say the quiet part out loud, but the billions of dollars in weapons he is sending to Israel will "finish the job" just the same. He is a war criminal funding genocide. Neither is an ethical choice. I'm choosing to do what I can to tear the system down and vote third party until it gains traction. Or till a civil war breaks out. Fuck the fear mongering trying to force a political binary, fuck both parties.

    10 million net worth is still rich by my personal definition. Biden also controls immense political capital which is another form of wealth.

    Anyways, I'm obviously a little heated about this, but hopefully I'm making some rational sense.

  • Biden says he’s accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Trump on June 27
  • June 27th is Dementia Live!

    Who will shit themselves first?! The odds of a stoke on live television have never been higher! Witness the long anticipated rematch of two rich geriatric white men pretending to represent the concerns of ordinary people! What insane lie will they tell next?!

    The Conman and the War Criminal. You have to see it to believe it! This is definitely the last time this happens before one of them dies! Don't miss out!

  • Never make the mistake of visiting a community for your favorite podcasts
  • Yeah I ran I to this with Critical Roll. Super toxic, super vocal minority of fans that made nuanced critical discussions of the show almost impossible. I don't think it's the show's fault. Rabid fans make for rabid community moderators.

    It's probably a symptom of how fucked our society is. Or it's just the internet.

  • Crystals 💦
  • Alternatively, if you do use rock dildos clean them with a flame thrower. Then go buy a real sex toy. 😁

  • by @dirtyiron
  • If you make prints of this available I would buy one.

  • Buy Oxycodone Hydro 1omg Opinie Online, New Jersey, USA
  • Wtf bro... This shit ruins lives. If you are going to for illicit pain killers stick with weed.

  • C O L O N I Z E
  • A win is a win.

  • A little dnd cheer.

    Happy Holidays! Don’t ask me how this thing works. I have no idea.


    Inspired by my tree

    Happy Holidays! Made in Adobes Fresco.

    blog ipodjockey

    Terror Eyes

    A blog post I wrote. Probably posting this into the infinite void. But I can sleep better knowing I tried.


    Been wanting to make this for a long time.

    I had an amazing Caprese salad years ago and I've want to recreate it ever since. I got my hands on some aged Basalmic and I'm hoping that does the trick.


    How does Lemmy decide what goes in the hot feed?



    Poop rule


    Drew a comic this morning for fun.

    There are two columns and it reads left to right. Sorry I'll format the next one for mobile.

    If anyone has any tips about better line quality, I'm all ears.


    Has anyone had luck repairing Airpod Pros? (1st Gen)

    So my left ear bud is having issues with the ambient sound pass through. Any nearby noise makes it click and pop. It's almost unusable at this point.

    Has anyone had good luck with a repairing these?


    Will registration reopen?

    I would like to create a user on, but it says that registration is closed. Is that a permanent situation or will it reopen eventually?


    My writing blog - no ads

    This is my short fiction/poetry blog that I started during the pandemic.

    There are no advertisements, and only one link in the bio for donations. I never schill for money in my posts. It is much more of a creative endevour than side hustle.

    Please enjoy, I love feedback.


    Just in case you are on mobile and the app crashes when you click links. The url is:


    Um I don't know how this works rule

    Here ya go?