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What is your favorite Audiobook?
  • Seconding the Discworld series, but specifying that while the Random House Audio version narrated by Nigel Planer is excellent- The newer version by Penguin Audio with Peter Serafinowicz, Bill Nighy and either Indira Varma or Collin Morgan are absolutely top shelf.

    I was put off before I started them because I assumed it was the "Narrated by a full cast" type of thing which is usually terrible. This is one main narrator (either Collin or Indira if it's a wizard or witch heavy book, respectively) and then a new voice for the "author's asides" that makes you feel like Sir Terry Pratchett is telling you little secrets himself and then one special character gets their own voice actor who is just perfect and adds even greater depth to the magic of these books.

    Bobiverse is also fantastic.

    AND The audio version of Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir gets a little extra something by being an audio version. If you haven't read that I recommend going in completely blind with no spoilers at all if possible, don't read a single thing about it first.

    (Edit: just saw that Chainweasel just edited to also add Project Hail Mary.. maybe we should be in a book club together, lol. )

    Edit 2: The Children of Memory series by Adrian Tchaikovsky is a very special one that has stayed with me and I still get misty thinking about it. Just wonderful.

  • Dwayne "The Trek" Johnson
  • Episode spoiler:


    The Voyager crew discover a new type of dilithium (warp core fuel) that can make space ships go faster than the generally accepted limit of warp 10. No one has ever gone faster than that, but it will get the crew home instantly, instead of the 70 year journey it's currently facing.

    One crew member, Lt. Tom Paris tests it out in a shuttle craft, gets to see "everything everywhere all at once" but then upon return quickly becomes allergic to water and oxygen.

    The Doctor realizes he is evolving into something other than human before he escapes sick bay and kidnaps Captain Janeway for another faster than warp 10 experience. They end up on a swampy planet, turned into giant salamanders and by the time the crew finds them they have already produced three offspring.

    The babies escape capture and presumably go on to sire a race of Janeway/Paris salamander creatures on a distant planet in the Delta Quadrant. Janeway and Paris get turned back into humans and they don't try breaking warp 10 again. IDK why people don't like it.

  • Why does it have to be so difficult?
  • Wrap it in a small bit of american cheese, then cover that in butter. Yes, dairy is not good for cats, but tiny bits (as a treat) can be worth it to get the meds in.

    Also, there are compounding pet pharmacies that can mix your cat's medicine into a chewy treat in your choice of flavors. Don't know where you live, but:

  • Why is most of Lemmy instances moderated by radical and ill people?
  • I'm sure this six minute old account is acting purely in good faith.

    Also- I'm very curious how a post about all apps being dating apps managed to be racist.

    Also- how is my calculator app going to find me a date?

  • There is a little-known valley in the Libyan desert known as the Valley of the Planets where rocks take on spherical and disc-shaped forms.
  • The author seems a bit confused (or is AI?)- the living stones (trovants) are a totally separate thing, and are pretty much only found in Romania. That picture with the stones with grass around them is of trovants in Romania: They are "living" in that they have a chemical composition that is effected by rain water and makes them do strange, but scientifically explainable things.

    The picture of the orange spherical rock on a gray cement looking pedestal is in Bolivia and seems to have been scraped from twitter:

  • When was the last time you made Jello?
  • Ha. Sorry. For beginners using unflavored gelatin I would recommend the Knox brand packets that are sold next to the regular Jello boxes. They are highly refined and don't have any um... surprising smells... ? The big 2lb jars of unflavored supplement gelatin can be a bit strong when you first add boiling water, but it goes away entirely once it is set in the fridge or dissolved in tea. I could see that putting someone entirely off jello if they were already iffy.

    My very favorite is mulberry juice jello, but the only place that sold mulberry juice near me stopped carrying it a couple years back. It's on amazon, but I can't bring myself to buy juice on amazon. Tart cherry is a good sub.

  • When was the last time you made Jello?
  • I have a family tradition of making rainbow jello for Easter. Each color layer gets a thin layer of sweetened condensed milk jello in between to make the colors really pop when it is sliced. It's so pretty. It takes all day. It's one of my favorite things about Easter.

    I also make it pretty regularly because I eat gelatin as a nutritional supplement that does seem to help my joint pain a bit. For that I use unflavored fish and beef gelatin and mix it with tart cherry juice in pint jars and chill it or mix it with hot tea or chicken broth.

  • Kroger and Albertsons to close these 63 grocery stores in California under proposed merger
  • Again, these places aren't being closed. They are being sold to a different grocery giant. The issue at hand is monopoly and price fixing, not fewer grocery stores.

    Did you read the article you posted about Santa Rosa? That law was pushed into place so one guy could open a Smart & Final. There was already a Lola's (independently owned grocery store), Target with grocery section and a Costco there. How is that a food desert?

    He also didn't like that the law had the appearance of being written specifically to help one property owner get a new tenant. Commercial real estate broker Tom Laugero, who was working to get Smart & Final into the Santa Rosa Town Center space, petitioned the council to pass the law. [...] "We corrupted our process," Wysocky said. "We took 12-year-old statistics from the federal government and molded our process just to help this one tenant out. And that's not OK."

  • Angry Owl with His Arms Crossed

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    > Info on the bigot Nick Adams: > > Relevant part: > > > Adams opposes education regarding LGBTQ topics in schools and said that only a "bad parent" would take their children to see a drag queen show.[18] LGBTQ Nation, an online news magazine, has alleged Adam's apparent hypocrisy on this topic as he has suggested taking children to Hooters.[18]

    What's this Bug? I_Fart_Glitter

    Found these while digging a planting hole and again when emptying a wooden barrel planter. Termites?


    No spoilers please, but does Old Man’s War get better?

    I’ve been really enjoying John Scalzi’s catalog- Started with Starter Villain (delightful!), The Kaiju Preservation Society (Sweet..), Lock In + Head On (fun who-done-its), The Android’s Dream (clever, enjoyable read), Agent to the Stars (funny, creative, pretty good).

    I’m half way through the first book of Old Man’s War and it’s depressing AF. I don’t see how it’s going to get any more light hearted, given the subject matter. All the aliens are enemies, more battle scenes than anything else, graphic descriptions of war injuries and deaths.. I’m not really compelled to keep going. Can anyone vouch for it being worth it to continue?

    Edit: I'm realizing that "better" isn't a good descriptor. I guess what I mean is "Will there be fewer graphic descriptions of injuries and death; as well as general despair on the part of the MC." It is a "good" book by all metrics except "feel-goodiness" and "Not making me queasy at descriptions of faces being blown apart." I'd come to expect a light and clever romp from John Scalzi, and from everyone's replies, he is more varied in his styles than I'd previously been aware.

    I'd been half hoping this would all resolve into a lovely, heartwarming story about how the universe was saved by a race of benevolent, highly intelligent cats who tricked everyone into getting along. I tried to go further this morning and am, for now going to set it aside after another scene with an exploding face.

    Thanks to all who replied!


    Kimmy Schmidt goes grocery shopping! 54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances

    Over half of young Americans say that rising food prices are the most noticeable effect of inflation.

    54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances

    54% of young Americans say food costs are the biggest strain on their finances

    3 A river otter took a selfie in Ridley Creek, ending a 100-year absence for ‘the most elusive aquatic animal in Pa.’

    The sighting shows that the revival of the animal, which was once nearly extirpated from Pennsylvania, continues throughout the region.

    A river otter took a selfie in Ridley Creek, ending a 100-year absence for ‘the most elusive aquatic animal in Pa.’

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    > The sighting shows that the revival of the animal, which was once nearly extirpated from Pennsylvania, continues throughout the region. > > The river otter ogled the camera, posing for an inadvertent selfie on a chilly winter night. The adult critter explored its surroundings for 45 minutes before slipping off into the darkness, ever elusive. > > The unexpected December cameo marked the first known presence of a river otter along the Ridley Creek watershed in Chester County for 100 years, signifying that the revival of the animal, once nearly extirpated from Southeastern Pennsylvania, continues throughout the region. > > “We haven’t caught much else by way of footage, but a homeowner has reported seeing it swim in their pond just few weeks ago, which is a good sign that it’s hanging out in the area,” said Lauren McGrath, director of the watershed protection program for the Willistown Conservation Trust, a nonprofit in Chester County. > > McGrath’s team installed a game camera on private property to monitor beaver on private land near where the trust recently acquired 90 acres of the 218-acre Kirkwood Farm at Plumstock and Providence Roads in Willistown. > > More in link.

    0 Conservation slowing biodiversity loss, scientists say

    A first-of-its-kind study shows conservation is worth investing in, researchers say.

    Conservation slowing biodiversity loss, scientists say

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    > Conservation actions are effective at reducing global biodiversity loss, according to a major study. > > International researchers spent 10 years looking at measures, from hatching Chinook salmon to eradication of invasive algae. > > The authors said their findings offered a "ray of light" for those working to protect threatened animals and plants.