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While you were worried about socialism…
  • At least if you lived in a socialist place before that naturally left you so helpless that you now wish for the heavy restrictions to be back because you rely on them.

    "At least the walls of the prison kept me warm"...

  • Lots of times the restaurants won't even have milk
  • Cocktails without alcohol cost way too much for what they are. That would be like paying 15 bucks for a burger without meat.

    Restaurants sometimes also have like dozens of types of beer, wine, etc. but the best non-alcoholic they can do is a water or a coca cola softdrink?

  • "Portal" Between Dublin and NYC Shut Down After OnlyFans Model Flashes It
  • It is against the law. That means that society, as a whole, has decided that this is immoral.

    No one forces you to stare at the girl

    So that means that its morally okay to kill everyone who looks at me ("No one forces then to look at me!")?

    Why is your ethics enforceable, but other people’s aren’t?

    Because ethics are only enforcable through laws and the laws currently enforce "my" ethics in that regard.

    Why does she have less right to practice her ethical choice to expose her body (assuming by your answer you would have offense)?

    Whether that is morally right is an ethical question but would you say the same about a minor (exposing themselves)?

    Ethics is very subjective

    Exactly, so what is the issue with the company having moral concerns about it and shutting it down?

  • 50 million rendered polygons vs one spicy 4.2MB boi
  • Well, thank you for taking the time to write this detailed explanation!

    Windows and MacOS use the abbriviation "MB" referring to the binary units, correct? How come that these big OS's use another unit than these large international bodies recognize?

    On a side note, I've always found it weird why HDDs or SSDs are/were sold with 128GB, 265GB, 512GB etc. when they are referring to decimal units.

  • 50 million rendered polygons vs one spicy 4.2MB boi
  • I'm failing to understand why we would need decimal units at all. Whats the point of them? And why do the original units havr to change name to something as ridiculous as "Gibibyte" while the unnecessary decimal units get the binary's old name?

  • President Biden announces a series of tariffs on green energy products from China.
  • As a logic and math hobbyist, I'm wondering how you came to the following conclusions...

    a) That they participate in an online community OR b) that speaking (in an offline community) would somehow help them to know how to spell the word


    c) That the word "hobbyist" comes up often in these communities

  • EU agrees €3B raid on Russian assets to buy weapons for Ukraine
  • They are not taking away any money from the existing funds. And that is the important thing IMO. Rather, they are using that large amount of money and investing it (safely) so that they generate surplus money that they use. Hiwever, they arent taking away money that is currently there.

  • Not like that
  • Im not the same person but I could reply to your deleted comment (I just wouldn't knlw what you wrote, it says "deleted", but I can still upvote that deletee comment lol). It currently has 3 upvotes.