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George Washington University encampment...
  • Another day with a similar post about how Biden is single handedly murdering children in Gaza.

    It has to be bots… right? Or bad faith actors.

    Could Biden do more to reduce the suffering in this war, probably. But no one here is point ling out specific executive powers he should be exercising or diplomacy that’s being left on the table. Instead it’s all personal attacks that appear primarily motived to discourage likely democratic voters by drawing lines between their votes and enabling genocide. As if it’s somehow that simple.

  • Something something Biden bad
  • If you live in a state that’s not contested, sure vote third party if that makes you feel better. But the reality is that not voting blue in any purple state does benefit the party you are less aligned with. So in the case of a leftist it would benefit republicans. I also would love an alternative to a two party system but in THIS election a vote that benefits republicans is a vote for a 1 party system.

  • Fans of Pokémon-inspired MMO Temtem are arguing with the developer about what MMO means after Crema CEO says it's 'not feasible' to keep adding content forever
  • I really enjoyed the game when it was first released in early-access on steam. The ability to play through the story with a friend was unique and fun. Unfortunately the Crema team stopped having innovative ideas and just released their version of Pokémon systems. At the time it was nearly impossible to communicate any negative criticism because of rabid fans on the subreddit and devs who seemed to have no interest in communicating with their player base.

  • Fellow home owners, are you ready for the housing market to crash?
  • Except that many people live in their homes until they need assisted living. In which case selling the home nets them more money than they put in to pay for those services. Or consider that home prices raise at different rates in different areas so it’s possible to sell in a hot market and retire to a cheaper area when you no longer benefit from things like proximity great schools as your children are grown.

  • Dallas Elected a Longtime Democrat as Mayor, but Now He's Defecting to the Republican Party
  • Republicans being “better” at the economy is a myth. They still sell themselves as the fiscally responsible party but in modern history the economy has grown more under democratic leadership and democrats have taken on less debt (less expansion of the deficit). But despite the data here you are spouting party rhetoric.

    And as far as social agenda… that’s all the modern republican part is, various witch hunts and cancel culture.

  • A reminder :
  • voting demos means getting almost the exact same as voting for the gop…

    Yeah… no. Stop trying to force some false equivalency. One party may try to fix something and fail because the other party blockades, while the other part (gop) actively makes everything worse and then scapegoats all problems onto minorities. Not the same.

  • Friday Facts #375 - Quality
  • Seems interesting to me. However, I agree with some others on the forums that the names for the quality levels are kinda dumb. Would prefer something like the crude, good, excellent, perfect, etc.

  • i need to stop argue with liberals
  • Is this a post seeking in-group reassurance and/or an attempt to divide and dogpile? What are you hoping to achieve here?

    Regardless of your political point of view, good faith discourse and debate, including disagreements, is healthy and should be encouraged.