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a cool guide to diets
  • My point was just tallying food calories in is a shit way to be as reductionist as the pic is being.

    Drinking straight olive oil while not being on keto is not gonna go great for weightloss, but is fine on it.

    At no point did I say the CICO diet doesn't work but go off I guess.

  • a cool guide to diets
  • It is not.

    This is such an obnoxious form of pedantry. Yes you absorb less calories from the food you digest and yes you poop out more unused calories and yes the way your body uses fat is less chemically efficient than carbs.

    That's just not what anyone means when they say CO. Technically true in such an "ummm aktshully I'm a teenager that just learned thermo 101 and have to be right about everything" kind of way that's just not relevant to the discussion being had. Yes, of course if you put everyone doing keto in a chamber where you measured emitted heat and put all their poop through a calorimeter thermodynamics applies.

    The point is none of that matters in the context of discussing diets because you can very successfully lose weight on keto while eating more calories than you did before and not changing lifestyle.

  • a cool guide to diets
  • This is such a fucking stupid infographic, it's just straight up misinformation.

    I have done keto, my partner was doing Calorie counting at the time and was curious and did the math for me. I was consuming about 150% of my normal pre-diet Calorie intake and losing 500g per day for a month. CICO is flatout not the mechanic used.

  • Why do people who hate IP laws/copyright think we should be allowing AI companies to copy the whole internet when pirates still get arrested for piracy?
  • I'd like to point out that the title is conflating two very different acts of "piracy". What I think of as "the little guy" piracy is content "theft", whereby they acquire some content they didn't pay for to enjoy. What "the big guy" piracy looks like is licensing theft, whereby they take something "freely available on the internet" and use it to make their own product which directly affects the creator.

    The world in which I watch some P&R or play some Warhammer for free in my little cave looks identical to the world in which I didn't do that. The world in which I read all the Warhammer lore and make a game and sell it using the same setting and characters without talking to GW directly devalues their IP and the world looks different (this is effectively what AI does as it can be made to reproduce a lot of the training data).

    I'd love to live in a world without DRM and "always online" and purchased**TM (arbitrarily revocable) games, and convenient and affordable ways to access media so piracy isn't necessary and the degree to which it would still happen would be so minor we wouldn't even need laws for it. I support the kind of piracy that rallies against that shit, I do not support arbitrary license theft.

  • Having to go to a meeting really messes with your flow for the whole day, doesn't it?
  • Yup. Thankfully management at my old job understood this, we had one quick 10 minute catchup about 30 minutes into the day every day and that was it. If a project required several meeting, they were all done as close together as possible over as few days as possible, leaving as many free full days as reasonably could be achieved. It worked really well

  • wow. sensible
  • Oh ez, that's only 17 orders of magnitude!

    If we managed an optimistic pace of doubling every year that'd only take.... 40 years. The last few survivors on desert world can ask it if it was worth it

  • Value of "encrypted at rest" data
  • "Physical access to the hard disk at a later date" sounds like the threat model they have in mind is someone forgetting to drill a hole through the drives after decom, in which case I'd guess they're asking for fde that gets unlocked at spin up/keys stored in ram?

    If I were you I'd go back to the stakeholder and make them clarify that part of the requirement/what they expect it to accomplish with it and what level of inconvenience they're willing to accept.