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What's something you want to stop doing but can't actually stop?
  • Dude, same. On top of that, I also struggle with imposter syndrome and a work for a company with a burnout culture, which a recipe for constantly kicking your own ass for not having literally everything done always, so I force myself to try to be "productive" the whole time, which always, ALWAYS backfires, but the guilt from watching everyone else work themselves to death is just too much. I'm hoping to switch to a remote job with a company who values employee wellbeing over "the grind" soon though.

  • How does it feel being in a relationship?
  • OP did, in fact, confirm elsewhere in another comment. Still doesn't guarantee he's from a mental-health friendly nation, but it is kinda crazy that he was indicating that the USA was somehow inherently better for building relationships than other places...

  • Justice Clarence Thomas Acknowledges He Should Have Disclosed Free Trips From Billionaire Donor
  • Ethics standard: yes, absolutely

    Term limits: the idea behind the supreme court's lifetime placement was meant to separate them from the immediate political atmosphere of any given election season (imagine the entire bench being Alito's and Thomases while Trump was in office). While it's obvious now that it backfired by instead ingraining one over-powered president's bullshit for way longer than anyone wants, I'm not sure if I agree that term limits is a "good" solution if we want to keep that intended level of separation. Maybe moving the judiciary to a self-contained governing system similar to the military that doesn't require allocation from either congress or the president, where a lawyer can become a judge can be appointed to the circuit court, etc, but congress could still oversee the ascension process with their own ethics comitee?

    Tie Dye Robes: this is highest priority

  • Is it ever okay to film strangers in public?
  • I understand that, but it doesn't mean I need to respect or approve of anybody who does film people in public. Sitting next to a stranger on an otherwise empty bus isn't illegal either, but that doesn't mean the person isn't still a creep for doing it. And I am considering being the subject of a film as different from happening to pass by a camera frame, or being seen by a security camera.

  • Is it ever okay to film strangers in public?
  • Personally, i only approve if you're filming a crime (counting harassment here). If someone's going about their day, even if they're making a scene or wearing something crazy or what have you, I don't really think filming them without their knowledge is cool, especially if you're going to post it on the internet.

  • Judge Cannon expands hearing on Trump’s request to declare special counsel’s appointment invalid | CNN Politics
  • Man, the New York charges get me every time 34 state felonies while a literal insurrection attempt gets 4 federal. I already knew NY as a whole didn't like Trump but it's glorious to see how much they must hate him

    (I know Florida has more, but I'm not holding my breath because it's florida.)

  • Libertarian Party nominates gay candidate for 2024 presidential election
  • Absolutely agree that, at this point, he's probably right, especially if he were to go all-in on the free market aspect and cut 100% of fossil fuel subsidies. However, it does bug me that he's clearly ignoring how that "free market economy" produces those oil/gas/coal company vultures to begin with. The primary issue I have against vanilla libertarianism is their insistance that deregulation is a solution to everything when we're living in a time that's obviously worse off because of companies and individuals who weren't being properly regulated.

  • Home Improvement Hazzia

    Advice on wall insulation

    Hi all,

    I am in need of some advice regarding diy wall insulation for my currently uninsulated house. The situation is like this: The house is 80y/o, wooden frame, stucco siding. My main concerns are minimizing wall damage, and minimizing fire-spread risk.

    For these reasons, I had wanted to go with blown-in mineral wool, but the olny 2 brands I could find (Rockwool and ThermaFibre) have discontinued their blown insulation. I've heard about using perlite for insulation, but it seems that it's a bad idea for drywall due to how loose the grains are (drill a hole, lose your insulation), and the only advice for binding it is to use concrete, which is probably way too heavy (and permanent) for use inside drywall. I also can't add insulation externally because of the stucco siding.

    I'm really at a loss here. I feel like my requirements aren't so unusual that there isn't already some product or technique out there to cover my use case, but I can't find anything still in production. If anybody has any ideas whatsoever, I'd love to hear them.

    UPDATE: I did start looking into the sheeps wool recommendations, HOWEVER, in that time I found scrap mineral wool available from ATS that I'll be able to use as loose fill. Thanks for trying to help, everyone!

    JoJo bizarre adventure memes galore Hazzia

    The Single Most Jojo, non-Jojo thing I've ever seen