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MAGA Begins Hunting People Who Made Trump Assassination Jokes
  • I don't know why someone downvoted you - you are technically correct which is the best kind.

    I would argue there would be greater violence in the short term, and in theory would allow those who believe themselves above the law and consequences to learn otherwise. Instead we get a greater and greater cliff for the country to fall from when it eventually does.

  • Donald Trump Suggests He Would Not Defend Taiwan From China
  • The US needs to act like a global citizen, not the global police.

    Saying that they have been a significant stabilizing pwer post ww2, and the changing world order would create significant upset.

    (Hate the term world order as it makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist - I mean the actual international relations definition)

  • Donald Trump Suggests He Would Not Defend Taiwan From China
  • Only officially. Which sounds like a smart ass response but it's not.

    If US recognized Taiwan as its own country it would lose a major trading partner, affect global stability and trade... and do not much else. We know why warships are there, military bases in close proximity, bilateral exercises take place - but officially sure, you own them.

  • Can a relationship be fixed if my boyfriend (M21) can‘t give me the bare minimum (according to himself)
  • Sounds like he wants you on his terms.

    My wife and I are one of the few (and the only i know) who got together as teens and still together and we're not even that old. We are often passing ships in the night and will often be awake and in the same property for an hour a day. 3 kids, both work 11-18 hour days, I have uni and a second job.We still text, I still send memes, talk about how much we miss eachother or just day to day crap (because believe it or not relationships aren't always exciting and sexy).

    Unfortunately, and I do hate saying this:

    • is this how you want to spend your life? It won't change when it's no longer distance, if anything it will be worse.

    • are you friends or just fuck buddies? Not how you feel, or what you want - what is your relationship really?

    • are you happy with it?

  • Auckland regional fuel tax looking to be scrapped

    Look, we need the money and fuel is bloody expensive, but I believe we are adding another problem to the next generation and regressing further.

    The tax sucks, but the benefits were worth it.


    does this new years feel subdued to anyone else, even after taking the weather into account?

    Like the whole country is just exhausted


    opinion: The NZ dream and culture has made us fall behind as a country.

    Don't know the best way to put this but ill try.

    As much as I love this country, we have fallen soo far behind. I don't want to get to political, but I think Labour tried to fix it in one way, now Nat will try the other. Neither will work in the time they have.

    We always prided ourselves on our past accomplishments- women vote, Hillary, Rutherford, Nuclear Free, Maori Batallion - and what we are as a country - massive dairy producers, amazing tourist destination, friendly people. But we have dwelled on it too long and got complacent. Our desire to repeat our past success has made us miss opportunities that require years of investment, and meant we are now in a cultural and economic hole that will be increasingly difficult, expensive and time consuming to get ourselves out from.

    We have a tiny population and limited housing in an empty country where people have limited desire and finances for kids. Massive farms that produce income for a few overseas investors or historic families. Massively increasing inflation and cost of living due to our long supply chains and small industry base, especially compared to overseas. Falling education at a time we needs teachers, medical persons, engineers and tradies... unis are slashing courses, councils are running out of money, and overseas investors will funnel more out of the country.

    I just want others thoughts around this - I have multiple ideas and theories, but I want to hear from you all.

    Small Business HappycamperNZ

    How do you build a sense of teamwork and collaboration with remote teams, that do not use computers as a part of their daily work?


    sticking it in crazy version of food porn - 6 hour smoked brisket and two hour rest

    Did a 8 hour pork roast at same time but can't upload.


    comments aren't visible in the text box.

    Everytime i comment the text int showing up - just the underline. Works in this post for some reason though.


    cross posting from reddit - any coders happy to put in some leg work?

    Hi all,

    Reddit refugee here. I've been following hfy for a number of years and am invested quite heavily in a number of stories. I usually read on mobile on my lunch break, but with rif going and the shocking app it's replaced with I can no longer do so - just log in via computer every week or so to catch up.

    What I am interested in is seeing if any coders here are able to make a bot that pulls ongoing stories from r/hfy when they are updated (first contact, TFTR.etc) and ask the authors if they are ok with it being automatically posted to lemmy as well?