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Sen. Elizabeth Warren's bill would end trading in water futures
  • It sounds like you're looking at this like you're choosing someone to marry. I'll wait for the one. I don't want to settle. Etc... but you may never, ever get a candidate you like. Instead, I suggest you think of it like picking a city bus. Is this one going where I want to go? Probably not but it's closer. And unfortunately, in this metaphor, you have to get on a bus anyway. "Sitting this one out" just means getting on someone else's bus.

  • Use a British Challenger tank to heat your water instead
  • Yes, I know that many US homes have 220V outlets for electric ranges or water heaters but most outlets are not and the ones that are are not typically accessible for general use. It's silly to say "240V 60Hz is actually the US standard" in this context since most US residents aren't going to have one accessible as a special outlet just for a kettle. Or if they do, they better tell their guests before they accidentally plug in a blender.

    Edit: As an aside, I used to work at a restaurant that had a 240V outlet accessible for a commercial belt-driven toaster. One day I decided it was too slow and plugged in a regular slot toaster when nobody was looking. Oh man, It glowed scary bright! I only felt comfortable using for a few seconds at a time, but it handled English muffins like a champ.

  • Hummingbird plant
  • The most amazing thing about this is that the plant has never seen a hummingbird.

    Think about it. The plant has no eyes nor the ability to change its own leaves. What must have happened? Maybe an ancestor had leaves that randomly, vaguely resembled a bird? Perhaps the descendants that happened to look more like hummingbirds were then pollinated more often than the rest?

    Nature is so fucking crazy and I love it.