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Pancake lens for Sony A7C?
  • Something to keep in mind: the lenses you have listet are alle only APS-C compatible and therefore would go into crop mode on an A7C. You can use the lenses on the A7C but it would beg the question: why buy a FF camera to only use it in crop mode?

  • Pancake lens for Sony A7C?
  • Regarding “digital remake of some older camera”: there are a lot of APS-C and MFT cameras that resemble older cameras, like the Nikon Zfc, which will have smaller lenses because of the smaller sensors. A good example is Sonys 20mm F2.8 which is super small but only APS-C compatible.

    I had the Sony Zeiss 35mm f2.8 and for FF I think it was pretty compact. You could also look into manual lenses, for example the 50mm f2 from TTArtisan is very small and affordable.

  • 8-hour time-restricted eating linked to a 91% higher risk of cardiovascular death
  • „The study’s limitations included its reliance on self-reported dietary information, which may be affected by participant’s memory or recall and may not accurately assess typical eating patterns.“

    This seems like a very critical limitation for such a clickbait title. Shouldn’t the exact tracking of the amount and quality of the food be a crucial part of such a study?