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The shooter posted a video of him saying "I hate republicans. I hate Trump"
  • The two-party system is the fault. We were warned.

  • Protestation
  • Careful. The people here don't take kindly to gray-areas.

    Edit: Thanks for proving my point, Tankies. As reliable as always.

  • Protestation
  • Woops. You dropped your context. Here, let me brush it off for you.

    He's not just saying the quiet part out loud. He's deliberately pointing it out as a bad thing. WB is a billionaire and none are fully ethical, but at least give the full story. This is how misinformation spreads

  • What do you think about my Linux Tierlist?
  • strokes Mint soothingly shhhh shhhh you're a good gateway drug shhhh the bad man won't hurt you.

  • Same Old Hate, Different Wrapping
  • Generally there are two ways to contextualize it. It is either a race of people stemming from the Middle East to populate Europe during the Middle Ages, and those decendants today (not white), or it's a religious group with ethnic roots in that region, but no specific racial requirement. For context, Hitler spoke of the first kind.

  • Oops, forgot dough in proofer.
  • Momma made pretzels when that happened

  • Brushed [Perry Bible Fellowship]
  • Mmhm! Yep. At least half of these words are English.

  • Customer service
  • Idk what you mean by that. My Velvet has 5G...

  • Customer service
  • They exist. They're just not well known. I love my LG Velvet. It's as unobtrusive as a phone of this processing capability can get. Just about fully stock Android with a few minor apps from my carrier preloaded. It's about 5yrs old now and not a bit slower than when I bought it. Decent camera, too.

  • Blazin' Bev's most challenging case yet
  • Fuck you. It's bad enough I gotta fix the damn fabricators! And don't get me started on the holo-deck! If I get one more ticket about rogue holoprograms or descretely clearing out the file-access logs of porn holos, I'm gonna make the user drink Ensign Crushers box of nanites!

  • Anon likes Valve
  • Why make a new car? The model T has 4 wheels and a seat, doesn't it?

  • Anon likes Valve
  • It's almost like competition may even make better games of their target genre

  • Big Bad Wolf Thought
  • People not versed in political theory won't see a difference.

  • C++
  • Just got a Commodore 64 and been having fun with ASM. I'm also weird. Don't be like me.

  • C++
  • But can you read someone else's C++ code?

  • I'm posting this photo because 35 years later, people in China and Hong Kong can't.
  • "Your government is bad on some level so my government can be bad on all levels and you can't say nuthin', hypocrite!"

  • "I got it! I got-- oh..."

    4v4v4 cut-throat oddball with a star league energy core. Crab got there first and immediately stared down the guns of nearly every enemy in the game.

    ! "Shitshitshitshitshit!"

    For those interested in the homebrew: the football starts on the center. A mech on the football spends all combat picking it up. The player declares a battlefist to hold the obj, or a back-winch if no hand actuators are present. Any hit to that arm (or torso for the winch) will cause a D6 roll. On a 1, the football is hit. 3 hits destroys it. On a 6, the ball is dropped. If the football is destroyed, attacker loses as the other two players tally points. Holding the football during the end step gets your team 1 point.


    We march for The Dragon!

    Spot the metal mini for a free Charger. Please, we only have HTM refits for like 10% of them and warehouses aren't cheap.


    Alpha Strike house rule suggestion: AMMO#(+#,+#,+#)

    So, my thought goes like this: ENE mechs get extra safe-spots on crit-tables, but kin/msl mechs get no bonuses whatsoever except an infinite supply of ammo. Would it break the game to, say, give the King Crab something like:

    AMMO3(+2,+2,+1) and have it's base damage brackets where the AC20 and LRM applies lowered by one. This gives the KC 3 turns where it can increase short and medium damage by 2 in 3 separate rounds of combat. After all AMMO has been spent, treat the mech as ENE.



    Bowman's Rangers. My OC merc company. (reupload because img broke)

    Hope you all like it! Take away one jump infantry and my medium lance (swap valk for wolfhound) and that's my AS350 list.




    "Lucky Old Hare" by Bruce Patnaude

    An art commission I did for my OC merc company: Bowman's Rangers.