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Hogwarts Legacy fans rejoice as new Harry Potter game officially announced for September
  • Alright so first off; denying your incorrect claim that she makes money from this game is not the same as “outright transphobia”. That statement is actually deranged.

    Secondly, WB owns the rights to HP games, as mentioned elsewhere in the comments.

    This hill isn’t the one to die on, my guy.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 boss says gamers don’t want mass subscriptions
  • I mean yes, but also no. I work at a private company and profits seem to be the only thing to get anyone with a title to move their ass.

    Most Directors or below have their teams, or customers, or the product front of mind. But once you get to VP seats they just.. don’t, it seems.

    And this is super anecdotal, I know, but.. basically my point is private vs public doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    This guy is just a good guy. He knows what matters to people and speaks from his heart, not his wallet.

  • I'm Done With Windows, Are you?
  • Not sure why you went on the defence, my generation is the reel addicted monkeys that stopped learning anything and instead started spouting off “knowledge” from doomscrolling. We’re the ones that are killing printed media, and we’re the ones either airing or producing worse and worse garbage on TV as well.

    We’re killing our own attention span year by year and none of us want to be uncomfortable for a second by admitting it’s a problem.

  • I'm Done With Windows, Are you?
  • Nobody has the attention span to read them - as proven by the declining buy-in on YouTube videos longer than a TikTok reel - let alone write them. Written media will continue to rapidly decline.

  • Not really Eorzea, as it’s known currently. I guess Torval wasn’t affected by the End of Days? Or maybe they have some kind of stuff powerful enough to deal with it better than Thavnair did, which would explain them needing the WoL to come help with whatever.

    Or it’s just a Way-West vacay, like Stormblood was far East. Who knows.

  • What are some items that really aren't worth paying the expensive version for?
  • Hmmm you might have an unusually shaped toilet, but Brondell makes easy-attach ones - they should be £20-£50 absolutely maximum. They fit any style of toilet, even portable.

    You shouldn’t need a plumber unless you’re getting a Japanese, Rolls-Royce level bidet with angled shooters, heated seating, and twirl pattern. It’s really just - turn off water, disconnect hose from toilet, connect bidet hose, connect old hose to bidet hose… water back on. Overall if you’ve ever built something from IKEA, you can probably attach one of these bidets.

    But I’m just speaking from preference. Got one during the great TP assassination of 2020 and haven’t looked back since - mostly because I have a sprayer so I don’t have to look back anymore.

    That said it’s pretty hard to beat £40 a year price wise - comfort wise though, it’s all down to preference.