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Rooftop where gunman shot at Trump was identified as a security vulnerability before rally: sources
  • Can you stop with this whole false flag BS? The kid was over 400 feet away. The margin for error with a rifle at that distance, shooting for a target that small is zero. A slightly stiffer left to right wind and the bullet shatters his skull and Trump is picking bits of bone fragments out of his brain. Or if he shifts his head tenths of a second before the shooter pulls the trigger. Or if the sights were zeroed the day before.

    It's asinine to believe that this was staged. There's a 20 year old kid shot dead on the roof by secret service and a 50 year old bystander dead in the stands behind Trump. Trump got lucky. Just as he always fucking does. I wish that wasn't the case, but that's what happened and now we just need to figure out how we deal with it.

  • Sanders says the media has made politics ‘into a beauty contest’
  • Nixon would have easily won reelection if not for the advent of political debates being televized. Kennedy was so charming and charismatic next to Nixon's sweaty and brutish appearance that his poll numbers skyrocketed. I would argue that is the likely beginning of the 'beauty contest' as we're claiming it. Unfortunately it's for good reason. In global politics, charisma and physical beauty or charm plays into negotiation. Whether people like it or not, physical attraction is a guiding force in our natural selection and social psychology.

  • Coffee, eggs and white rice linked to higher levels of PFAS in human body
  • I mean, based on the amount of bottled water people drink im pretty sure that could be a concern for most people. I don't drink water bottled in plastic because I think it's wasteful and contributes to the massive amount of plastic pollution already going on, but even if we consider that the recycling process is 100% efficient, those thin, flimsy bottles are still getting heated by and exposed to sunlight. It would be naive to think they aren't leaching plastics into the water. Just buy a cheap metal bottle and refill from the tap. That's where all the major brands get their water from anyway.

  • Steve Bannon asks appeals court to keep him out of prison due to his importance in Trump’s campaign
  • I recognize that, but even if they were to still somehow navigate the economic situation, the government officials would immediately be charged with sedition and a warrant would be issued for their arrest. They wouldn't be able to flee the country because any allied country would extradite them to the formal United States government. So the only other option would be to stay and forcefully defend their arrest. That brings in the national guard and any escalation would drive us toward a true civil war. MAYBE secession becomes so popular amongst the population that they also are willing to defend their secessionists political leaders with force, but I doubt it. Even in the event of it becoming a true civil war, the rest of the United States is absolutely massive. There'd be no way of defending against all of the avenues of attack. Air superiority would be established immediately by surrounding AFBs, mobile AA systems, and returning aircraft carriers. Naval blockade would prevent any foreign aid from reaching the West Coast. Lack of any real microchip processing plants would make the proliferation of modern arms impossible....

    I just can't see any other outcome than those government leaders being arrested, replaced, then any secession being nullified and reversed by the newly installed government officials. Though if you are able to think of something, I'd be open to thinking of a potential rebuttal.

  • Steve Bannon asks appeals court to keep him out of prison due to his importance in Trump’s campaign
  • Yeah, it stopped the United States from breaking up before. What better case study than the exact same scenario. Just this time its a much much stronger union army against a much much poorer economic system for the seceding army.

    Other countries would not supply the secessionists with any military equipment and they almost certainly wouldn't purchase any products from them either. International sanctions against the seceding states would end the "war" before it even began.

  • Justice Alito’s wife vows revenge for flag controversy in secret recording
  • Alito added that she has designed her own flag in her head, which she wants to have made and flown. It features the Italian word “vergogna,” which means shame.

    No no no. You don't get to just use italian whenever you want to veil your shithead sense of self worth. You leave a romance language out of this and put that shit in plain English.

  • A heat dome will send temperatures into the triple-digits across the West as fires burn
  • Climate change realists (people that have common sense) voting less than the average population is not something I expected. If anyone believes that climate change is real and isn't voting Democrat, you're the problem.

    Climate change has become reality because of apathy. Not evil actors. They've always been the minority relying on inaction.

  • Americans shrug over falling birthrate
  • The replacement level birth rate is 2.1 children per woman. The US is at 1.6 but the yearly population growth rate is trending back up due to immigration. Worldwide the birth rate is still at 2.6. Experts estimate that the population will continue to increase up until 2060 before it will start to plateau or gently fall to a homeostasis.

  • CBS's Brennan To Buttigieg: How Is It Possible That $7.5 Billion Investment Has Only Produced "7 Or 8" EV Charging Stations So Far?
  • St. Louis to Chicago is a very, very flat 260 miles. To buy an Amtrak ticket it's $36-43 and takes 5h.

    I'm traveling to Italy soon and a ticket from Genoa to Rome is €35, about the same distance between a sea front and a mountain range, and takes a whole hour less travel time.

    Amtrak is in desperate need of public funding and freight rail needs to be prosecuted for blatantly ignoring laws that give passenger trains the right of way on rails.

  • How does Pi-hole interact with DHCP and connection-specific DNS suffixes?

    I'm trying to set up a Pi-hole on my in-laws' home network. I've got everything configured on the pi but ad-blocking wasn't working. So I did some digging into the logs and found that DNS requests were all coming from the router.

    After some reading it seems that the DHCP server that the router used was adding a DNS suffix to all requests (search.charter), so I turned off the DHCP server on the router and used pi-hole's built-in DHCP to see if this would resolve the issue. I didn't have enough time to test the fix, but here's my understanding of what was happening before I changed the configuration:

    I set the primary DNS server to the IP address of the pi-hole in the router settings so they would have network wide adblocking. All of the clients get a DHCP assigned DNS server address which was set to the router's address. I would input into a client's browser, the DNS request would be sent to the router, then the router would act as a client in the pi-hole logs. Pi-hole tells the router that is found at and the ads being hosted on the website are at The router sees that the DNS server didn't return a result for one of the queries, so it goes to an upstream DNS server hosted by the ISP where they provide the IP for the ad. Both addresses are sent along to the client device and the pi-hole shows the ad domain as being blocked.

    Is that true? Did changing the DHCP server to the Pi-hole fix the problem? Is there anything more that I need to do? Did I totally whiff on troubleshooting? Let me know if you need more information. Any help would be appreciated since I'm trying to learn a little bit more about networking and take a little more control of my home network. Thanks!

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals GiuseppeAndTheYeti

    Picture is a few months old, but I have to share Nilla's "woke up in 2047" look...


    TIL the military cannot enlist a recruit with an IQ measured lower than 80 and is required to keep enlisted individuals with an IQ of 81-92 to less than 20% of the armed forces in active duty.

    >(a)The number of persons originally enlisted or inducted to serve on active duty (other than active duty for training) in any armed force during any fiscal year whose score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test is at or above the tenth percentile and below the thirty-first percentile may not exceed 20 percent of the total number of persons originally enlisted or inducted to serve on active duty (other than active duty for training) in such armed force during such fiscal year. > >(b)A person who is not a high school graduate may not be accepted for enlistment in the armed forces unless the score of that person on the Armed Forces Qualification Test is at or above the thirty-first percentile; however, a person may not be denied enlistment in the armed forces solely because of his not having a high school diploma if his enlistment is needed to meet established strength requirements.

    An AFQT score is derived from the ASVAB(essentially the militaries' IQ test). IQ scores are based on a normal distribution of scores from the general population with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. So the 30th percentile represents an IQ score of 92 while the 10th percentile would correlate with an IQ of 81.