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[Tommy Siegel] A guide to glasses
  • It's baffling how those 70s/80s molester/serial killer glasses became fashionable again. In the context of those decades they look barely alright, but when worn by people of today they just make a person look terrible.

  • Netflix Starts Booting Subscribers Off Cheapest Basic Ads-Free Plan
  • Is it that the decade of 0% interest rates and angel funding for startups lulled us into unrealistically thinking we could get unlimited everything for 9.99 per month, or is it that companies are suddenly starting to rip off people?

    As an end consumer it's impossible to gauge what is a proper price for entertainment.

  • Growing peppers in pallet collars.

    Hello, I'm thinking of trying pallet collars for growing peppers this summer. A single collar is 20cm (8 inches) in height, do you think that's deep enough?