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What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • I love the idea, to change the gender and show how it would look if women was the dominant sex

    I don't think what they made was plausible. I know, it's barbie, but I don't find this version of "woman power" plausible without it changing the gender expressions. Like, how masculinity and being formed by masculinity being an expression of dominans, and therefore changes how men dress, behave and express themselves would change a lot Also, this is not a matriarchy, it is a patriarchy but where the women have the power. I've read several books where they flip the sexes, and I've found the concept interesting because it points out how much of our society is formed by the patriarchy, for all genders, which makes a lot of fun and interesting situations

  • Federal court permanently blocks Florida's law against trans health care
  • Can anyone recommend a place, site, channel or something that focus on only positive queer news? So much bad happens nowadays, it is easy to get depressed and forget stuff like conversion therapy being banned in country after country, or like this court decision, or the newest gender change law in Germany, or the newest victory for abortion, marriage changes in Thailand, and so on

  • Roguelite atrategy

    Heia all! Do you have some recommendations on any strategy roguelites where you get bonuses that you keep between games?

    Nothing to do with ADHD, just relatable...
  • Its there, sometimes. Sometimes there is no shower caps, sometimes it appear after I have entered the shower. Sometimes it is because it is already on my head. Sometimes my cat found a new bed, so no shower caps

    Sometimes there is a shower caps, a lot of times there is none

  • Have you ever taken something home from a workplace without permission, to keep it?
  • Yeah, as a teacher I took notebooks and pens n stuff. Ok the other hand, I had to do a lot of that work on my spare time to prepare for lectures and communication with pupils. I also bought stuff for the pupils to make the lectures more interesting as the school has a very strict budget