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512MB ram is nothing now

512MB was a huge flash drive now it's not enough ram. Turns out Spotify can't open-source Car Thing because it's a potato

Linux share on Steam bounces back to nearly 2% for March 2024
  • I'm was talking about game stability. This is a gaming related topic right? Linux is stable but games had some issues.

    Truthfully nothing major that stopped me from playing but I had to mess with proton in steam from time to time. Most recently the Last of Us crashes on start, not sure why it was fine previously. Also, there were some games anti cheat did not work and I needed to play in Windows.

    Also, I have consistently had issues streaming to my steam Deck. Windows isn't perfect either but it's more likely to work the with windows. Sure maybe it's my Nvidia GPU, but saying switch to amd does make my setup more stable.

  • The HDMI Forum rejected AMD's open source HDMI 2.1 implementation
  • This is the big issue I have with with "USB C". USB c is just the connector which can be used for so many things. What actual is supported depends on things you can't see, like the cable construction or what the device supports.

  • Did i do something wrong?

    I just got a new D4v2 quad 20W UV and have just cycled through the modes a few times and noticed the LEDs look burned out. I could understand if I used it on the turbo mode for a while but for just a few minutes used I'm a bit concerned and confused. Did I do something to damage it?