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  • People advocating for teaching of personal finance and taxes in schools were always the ones not paying attention.

    I know this because I’ve seen them say that, I’ve also seen them not pay attention when the topic was addressed when they were in high school. Many of these topics are mandatory in Scottish High schools and have been for most millennials and younger.

    Anyone that can comprehend the most basic algebra and statistics a secondary education would give you can understand taxes and finance from free accessible websites/library books. Best practices for personal finance and tax laws may change, so your likely to have to learn some of it again. It’s vital schools provide the more abstract but timeless skills of maths, reasoning, reading and comprehension.

  • Center-left in US sees a lesson in British election results
  • Shy tories voted for the Lib Dem’s. The Lib Dem’s aren’t some compromise between left and right. That’s doesn’t really work, it just means everyone dislikes you. The Lib Dem’s get votes when the tories are too socially unacceptable to vote for.

    A Tory walks down the street, he encounters a homeless person. He chooses to kick the them, laughing as he walks away. The Lib Dem disgusted by this kicks the homeless person, then walks away quietly.

  • Samsung could use PC tech to prevent Exynos chips from overheating
  • Rather than make better processors they just make them dispate heat better.

    These are also googles ‘own design processors’, so bad Samsung even avoids useing exynos. Next gen pixels will definitely be the hottest phone around.

  • RCS vs SMS/MMS?
  • You’ve likely accepted it without knowing, or at least been registered as accepting. Google are using dark patterns all over android to get away with this sort of thing.

    What are you going to do, sue them.

  • RCS vs SMS/MMS?
  • Pretty much all RCS goes through Google servers. They control all the implementations, even in the cases where a carrier has implemented it themselves they likely use Google Jibe system.

    If your speaking to someone over RCS you should expect Google to be involved. Even with apple implementing it on iPhone. iPhones are likely to default to iMessage between each other, so the other user is likely an android so messages are getting routed through Google. It’s likely apples decision was based on pressure from Google and the billions of dollars they give apple every year.

    Google has repeatedly made attempts to make a messaging app that have failed. RCS is their chosen method to get access to app messaging metadata and it looks to be working. They are displacing text messaging and making it look like nothings changed.

  • I'm Conflicted
  • Googles attempt at intercepting all text messages.

    It’s supposed to be SMS 2.0 but only google took it serious and it’s only supported by Google. Most carriers that do support it are using Googles Jibe system, they’ve now pressured apple into using it as well. Likely tied to the many billions they pay apple every year.

    Google doesn’t let anyone else make a RCS app except them and Samsung. So you can’t get a free and open messenger with it.

  • Linux market share passes 4% for first time; macOS dominance declines
  • You often install binaries in Linux by moving them to a directory you can call them from. Which is the same thing MacOs has you do graphically. You can do it on command line as well.

    Using a Mac is much the same as Linux. Mac OS is unix and Linux is a copy of unix systems. Your just used to the windows ways that aren’t that good to start with.

  • No way is Britain’s general election a done deal. Polls disguise huge uncertainty
  • The tories also get votes because they are so horrible, they know this and play to it. It does help them, put people don’t want to admit this to pollsters so they don’t poll as well. Especially when they are completely undefendable like they are now. Nothing drives people like hate and anger, which the press and tories stir up at every chance. They’ll complain about immigration and how bad immigrants are, despite them being responsible for the highest levels of immigration ever (tories like immigration it keeps wages down and makes unions weaker).

    The tories will get more votes than you would expect, not enough to win. The tories have always been this nasty and incompetent. They still won elections.

  • Campaigns Can Now See What You Watch on TV.
  • Jellyfin has a much nicer user interface and is overall a better way of doing things. But libreElec and Kodi are great at being a cheap open source client that handles lots of different codecs without much fuss.