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As Martha's Vineyard runs out of pot, dispensary sues state's cannabis regulator
  • Average income on the island may be 139k but the mainland isn't far off with an average household income of 134.5k.

    If anything it makes me wonder about using that metric to measure the wealth of a somewhat isolated population. I'd think there may be a higher number of retirees or independently wealthy individuals which may bring this number down since they're not generating an income.

    Anyways, I don't really have a point I'm just rambling lol

  • Everything must be a subscription service
  • I honestly don't have a problem with this so long as the tap water is clean and drinkable. Everyone should have free access to clean drinking water. If it has to be filtered and chilled to a crisp cool temperature for you to drink it? Yeah, you can pay for that. That's a luxury.

    Refrigeration takes energy and filters produce waste so I see it as fair charging a price for convenience.

  • People walk out of Beverly theater when Richard Dreyfuss uses time meant to talk about 'Jaws' to instead show how he's become a transphobic misogynist
  • How is it any more their responsibility than the ticket buyers'?

    Yes, the theater needs to vet their guests, but how can you say a small team of organizers is on the hook while a whole crowd of people shouldn't have known better based on what Dreyfuss' public persona is and has been?

  • Nope. No.
  • Using technology to make a post complaining about technology. The very platform being used contributes to "tech bro capitalism" but AI is crossing the line? What a weird take.

  • Get rid of them.
  • The image in the OP, nor the text within it, will be passed from person to person nor will it become the basis for parody. There has to be some criteria for a meme community to follow and any original piece of text will qualify unless there's some amount of circulation associated with it. Otherwise what separates this community from ?

  • Parents actually give this book to their kids.
  • It's still incorrect. "The Parkers give answers" would be correct.

    Even if it was possessive, the apostrophe would still need to go after their name since there are multiple Parkers e.g. "The Parkers' answer..."

  • Careful! He's ruffled!


    Sailing the high seas


    How this wasn't a hit single is beyond me


    Don't forget...


    I dreamed about her again last night






    Make it happen, Disney


    A true bean enthusiast


    I have a crazy friend who says it's wrong to eat vegetables...


    Aww, I wanted Bonestorm


    My actual brain. Please don't tell anyone how I live.


    Whatever you say, billboard!


    Think, man, think!


    A long forgotten scene from a long forgotten episode


    Loads of flavor


    It's finally back


    A heartfelt apology


    And now you're ready for a night on the town!


    That's it!