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/e/OS Is Better Than Android. You Should Try It
  • enough onboard storage not to require any amount of expansion

    This is just wrong, my man! 128GB are NOT enough to not need expansion! And sure, I can pay the manufacturer 50$ for an extra 128 gig, but for the same money I can buy a 500GB SD card online! And many phones don't even have the option for this much storage. Why not offer more storage AND an SD card slot?

    All new phones have audio connections built into the USB-C port

    Yes they have, but now I can't use my headphones without a shitty adapter anymore. An adapter that can easily get lost! What is the advantage of that?

    I can tell you: it's greed! We can sell you more storage at a premium. Your device storage ain't enough? We offer cloud based storage for free! Oh, your free x amount of gigabytes is full? We sell you more storage as a subscription! Well, you don't need storage anyways, because everyone streams their stuff today, don't they? (Also subscription models)

    Your phone doesn't have a 3.5mm jack anymore and you can't use your headphones anymore? Buy our adapters for very little money (but that's basically 5$ in extra profit per sold phone). Or, you know, bluetooth headphones! They are more convenient anyways, because they are wireless. Oh, you just need to charge them every few hours and the batteries in them are dead after ~2 years, that means we can sell you another pair for 150$! And god forbid you lose one of the tiny suckers, that's gone be 150$ to replace them.

    FUCK THAT!!1!

  • Cycling isn't legitimate transportation...apparently
  • Also many pedestrianized streets allow for deliveries with larger vehicles! These just have to drive more carefully and slower for the last couple hundred meters. Usually just a city block or two.

  • Men over 30, what do you keep in your bedside nightstand?
  • USB multi charger, head scritcher, massage oil, iPad, loads of cables, fitness tracker, book-shaped light, remote for the lights. There's also a little trash bin next to the bed, which is super useful.

    Most of the stuff is in my nightstand though, so everything looks neat and tidy.

  • Boris Johnson turned away from polling station after forgetting to bring photo ID
  • Let me guess? You can also just vote at a specific polling station?

    The system works, because each citizen is assigned to a polling station, and once a name is crossed out that person can't vote again. If you happen to arrive at the polling station and your name is already crossed out they will probably ask for photo id next and if it is really you they might call the election office to find out what to do next. This system is somewhat crude but effective.

  • MX-5 Miata FleetingTit

    I want to respray my car next year and want it to really pop

    Bing image creator was used to visualise a few colour combinations. This one is my favourite (and close to its current appearance). I can upload the other ones, if anyone is interested.

    How do you upload multiple images on here, though?