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Who are you rooting for in the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight?
  • That was supposed to be the joke of the question, but I don't think it landed lol. It's just so absurd, on the one hand you've got Iron Mike, one of the best to ever do it, and the other you've got well Jake Paul.

  • What's your favorite Bob Dylan song?

    For me it's Idiot Wind, curious to know which one moves you.

    What are your thoughts on the loblaws barriers?
  • Make people feel safer... right.

    Self check outs basically transferred the labour from an employee supplied by the grocer to the consumer, resulting in lower employment costs for the grocer and greater time and effort expenditure for the consumer.

    The deliberate programming choices of the self check outs at loblaws are especially annoying :do you want to donate to charity on our behalf? Accidentally scan an item twice? Gotta wait for someone to come cancel it for you. It takes like 5 clicks to get to paying these fuckers.

    Then they want to surveill everyone on the way out like they don't trust you, after they transferred all the labour to you?

    Ya fuck that, no wonder people get pissed. Like seriously fuck off. And on top of all that you get absolutely gouged.

    Went from shopping there weekly to never stepping foot in that god awful store, spend your money elsewhere.

  • What was your first experience using the Internet?

    For me, my Dad brought home a laptop from work and we looked up pictures of pokemon and went to the Simpsons website, circa around 1999. How about you?


    What's your favorite song on Radiohead's 2007 masterpiece 'In Rainbows'?

    I'd also love to hear stories about how it moved you on your first or 100th time listening to it.

    datahoarder Flamangoman

    What's your most treasured data?

    What in your hoard do you treasure the most? I imagine to a lot of us it is photos and videos of our families, which I'd love to hear about, but also interested in rare bits of media or information that makes your collection unique.


    What kind of network is Lemmy looking to be?

    I just joined Lemmy and so far I'm enjoying it. It's a little bit sparse in terms of content and users, but I think it has a really cool structure, and it feels more human than certain other social media sites.

    I'm curious to know what users think about who is welcome here. Do you think it should be gates open, everyone including your aunt should join, or is it more exclusive to people interested in the fediverse as a starting point? Or something else?

    Not trying to stir up shit, just genuinely curious about what the vibe is and where the community thinks it is or should be going.