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Follow up on supporting Immich announcement - change of wording
  • I consider open source software to be community owned/maintained so I never liked the idea of selling the software. It makes much more sense to my eyes to sell services surrounding the software be it support, customizations, or even hosted services.

    I can't really get over selling a "license" for a software that is expected to still be maintained by unpaid contributors. Especially under an AGPL license where any licensing changes has to be approved by every contributors.

  • -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
  • If the attacker search for your password specifically then xkcd themself posted the reason why it wouldn't really matter

    If you're doing blind attemps on a large set of users you'll aim for the least secured password first, dictionary words and known strings.

  • -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
  • The part where this falls flat is that using dictionary words is one of the first step in finding unsecured password. Starting with a character by character brute force might land you on a secure password eventually, but going by dictionary and common string is sure to land you on an unsecured password fast.

  • You all think Old Planes fit this community too?
  • There was one parked in a field close to my school. It's a shame it was left to rot. Beautiful piece of engineering, even though I've heard riding in one gave the feeling it was held together by spit and good will.

  • 20 Movies You Can’t Find in 2024 (and How to Maybe Watch Them Anyway)
  • I'll add Gothicmaid to the list of hard/impossible to find. That one was theater only. Never released.

    I hate that even if home theaters are way better than 2012's big screens, the producer still insist the movie is not meant to be seen at home.