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PS5 Pro developer verdict: ‘I didn’t meet a single person that understood the point of it’
  • So you are here to start pendendatic arguments completely oblivious to main topic of this entire post??? Are you trolling or stupid? It's 100% clear what the person you replied to meant.and it's 100% on topic for the post of "ps5 is pointless upgrade" so what exactly are you arguing other than some weird PC fanboy pride that seems bruised

    With the last few gpu generations it's even accurate.. huge amount of ppl see no need to upgrade from GTX 1080.

  • Alternative Facts
  • How much longer can we tolerate this as Americans? This evil committed in our name while the domestic situation and infrastructure crumbles while we see disaster on the horizon .....

    Arnt they supposed to at least keep us distracted with bread and circus? It's like they think so little of us anymore they don't even need to try.