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New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • Point 1: gender is sexual

    Gender is a social construct around behavioural and social traits, sexuality is who one is sexually attracted to, I honestly cannot see how you can correlate the two beyond "this gender is usually heterosexual".

    Point 2: children should not make puberty decisions unless they are mature, and to be mature they must go through puberty

    If a child is mature enough to go through puberty, then they should be mature enough to make decisions about their puberty.

    Why force someone to go through a puberty they hate, and only after they are finished and the changes become irreversible do you allow them to make a decision on how they wish to mature?

    I understand this point of view because I used to also hold it, but I'm trying to express to you that forbidding puberty blockers causes the exact same problem, someone uninformed on a subject comes to regret their action (or inaction).

  • New poll finds strong majority opposes gender-affirming care bans for trans minors
  • Gender isn't sexuality.

    Do you seriously need someone to explain to you that you can make a decision on one thing and not a decision on another.

    Abstractly explain how a child can make a decision on what to eat for dinner but not who they want to have sex with.

  • Should I reinstall linux mint (error during installation)

    I recently dual booted linux mint on my laptop, and I came across the infinite squashfs error (an infinite amount of "SQUASHFS error: Unable to read page" and "SQUASHFS error: Unable to read data counting up, I think because I took out the usb and pressed enter too quickly) I couldn't do anything, so I shut down and restarted, upon restart, its running fine? No corruption.

    Edit: I reinstalled and waited a while after unplugging before and enter did not work, I hit escape and this happened again, though text is bigger and slower


    How easy is it to switch back to windows?

    I'm considering switching to linux but I'm not a computer savvy person, so I wanted to have the option to switch back to windows if unforeseen complications (I only have 1 pc). Is it just a download on usb and install? And what ways can I get the product key or "cleaner" debloated versions.


    What's computer architecture?

    Is it a physical structure of the chip or is it programming? Because how can linux ARM run on a device that used to run windows x86?


    Is there any reason to set values as powers of 2?

    For instance, when setting render samples, noise threshold, or domain resolution I set it at 128, 256, etc. I've just done it this way ever since I learned Blender, but does this acutally do anything?


    New soda at my store rule