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Amazon should've made Prime Day fall on a date corresponding to an actual three-digit prime number.
  • 😂 I'm familiar with many of them because I liked math in school and went through all of primary and middle school without a digital calculator. This one is one I hadn't heard of before and, again because I like math, I'm interested in understanding 1) what the trick is and 2) mathematically how it works out

  • Life is pain
  • That's super nice! One of the biggest things keeping me on Spotify has been just how much new music I'm able to find that I enjoy because of its algorithm. This feature is one I'm sorely missing though so I'll have to check out plexamp!

  • Asesprite/Libresprite vs Krita?
  • You're not getting a lot of responses so I figured I'd offer the little that I can.

    I have not used Krita for pixel art, moreso regular digital painting, and I came from using Photoshop. Once I got used to the different control scheme, I enjoyed it quit e about more for digital painting than Photoshop. It's free and the learning curve isn't that steep so it's worth a shot I think

  • me_irl. Right now, in fact 😮‍💨
  • Ah wait this need for a "come down" from stimulation might explain a lot of things for me.

    If I'm coming down from a long day/walk/etc. the tiredness hits me, but if I don't go to bed and fall asleep fast enough, even if I'm relaxing, then I will no longer be sleepy and will struggle to fall asleep.

  • RSD is a bitch
  • Yes, please teach us your ways. Years of therapy, currently in a long-term DBT program, and yet Im having the most awful RSD spiral right now from what? I couldn't even tell you because it doesn't even make sense verbalizing it.

    Shit fucking sucks.

  • Need advice on new sensory friendly office shoes

    I just started interning and it's my first office job (Yay!) but most of the clothes I feel comfortable wearing are not really office attire. Especially shoes. I have no "appropriate" shoes because shoes have always been a particular source of sensory issues so I wear the same black pair of mesh trainers. I have to commute in a big city so I end up walking a decent amount, and shoes that are tight and/or heavy really mess with my focus.

    Do you guys have any advice on how to find comfortable shoes that are at least a bit more office appropriate? Maybe solid clean white sneakers? For reference I'm female.


    My dad's tomatoes!

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    My brother brought back some plants that the garden center gave him for free since it was end of season and they were very weak and almost dying.

    My dad's not a huge gardener at all but he watched some videos and set up a little station in the yard to plant them and water them. They're looking amazing so far and other than the plant the rabbits decided to dig up and steal (roots and all) they're all much healthier! He says he's gotten about three tomatoes so far and he loves it.

    Just posting to share and maybe get some tips on how to grow them easily (since he's busy) and when to know when they're ripe. There are a few different varieties but we're not sure which ones are which and how to tell when they're good to eat! When to fertilize, how to protect when weather gets cold, when to do so, etc.


    Sudoku of the Day - July 12, 2023

    Here are today's sudoku puzzles!

    What difficulty did you complete? How much time did it take you? Are you stuck on a difficulty, or did you learn any new techniques?



    Looking for moderators! Introduce yourself!

    Are you experienced in sudoku and/or have experience moderating a subreddit, community, or similar? This is my first time opening and moderating a community and I would love some help growing this place, keeping it active, and moderating content if necessary.

    If you're interested in becoming a moderator, just leave me a comment down below if you have any experience (and maybe a bit about yourself, or not, I don't really care much).

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Lemmy Support FeatherConstrictor

    unable to view my posts

    I'm unable to see the lists of posts I've made on desktop, mobile, and any of the mobile clients I've used. This goes for my accounts on both and I like seeing how my posts are doing or going back to read comments on there even if they've been marked as read. Could it be that it's not showing my posts because they've been marked as read and I've got settings to hide read posts? If so, seeing my own posts should be exempt from this setting.

    UPDATE: if I show read posts, I can see my posts. This is definitely something that should be fixed; show read posts settings should only apply on my feeds, not when I'm looking through a user's or my own post history

    Metalcore FeatherConstrictor

    Thornhill - The Hellfire Club (2022)


    Thornhill - The Hellfire Club (2022)

    Listen to This FeatherConstrictor

    Thornhill - The Hellfire Club (2022)


    Thornhill - The Hellfire Club (2022)


    Thornhill - The Hellfire Club (2022)


    just saying hi as a recent divorcee due to being childfree

    TL;DR at the bottom.

    I (24f) am going through the legal elements of a divorce but have been separated for a few months now. I loved my ex husband, but before marrying I made it clear I didn't want kids and didn't want him to wait or hope for me to change my mind. He agreed and told me he would be happy with me even if I never wanted kids.

    Just under a year ago he sat me down and told me he had been realizing more and more that he changed his mind and thinks he does want kids. I asked how long this had been happening, he said about a year. I already knew where this was headed, but thought I owed it to us to at least try. Months of therapy and thinking and talking and waiting for him to come to the same conclusion I had brought up to him and accepted pretty early on and we finally decided mutually that we would have to divorce. I didn't want him to stay with me and risk having any resentment towards me and feel unfulfilled, and I dont want kids. I don't know if I'll want them in the future, I don't think I will, but he wanted them ASAP so it was irrelevant anyways.

    At least the separation/divorce has been amicable, but it was (and sometimes still is) incredible difficult emotionally. I'm grateful that his family didn't guilt me when they learned of the reason for the divorce, though the reason he gave for me being childfree was medical reasons which is only kind of true. Still, at least I didn't get any flak for it from anybody.

    The guy I'm talking to now is vehemently childfree and it's great being able to freely make faces about or feel annoyed by children, not want to go to baby showers or baby birthday parties, and all other things that I used to feel alone in with my ex husband (and made me wonder for a while if he was truly childfree like me). Not to say you have to dislike children to be childfree, but I would often get a weird look about my attitude and discomfort around children.

    I was never active on the subreddit but I'm making more of an effort to be active in the communities on Lemmy, so I guess hi everyone! How are you? Anybody here with a similar story?

    TL;DR My husband changed his mind and I didn't so now I'm a 24 year old divorcée introducing myself and my story being childfree :)


    Moth getting eaten by an ant

    Saw this on my porch one morning and thought it was pretty cool. Didn't even know any ants around here ate dead bugs!