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FatLegTed Baggins

Music (mainly prog rock) and veggie loving, geeky cat butler living in Hertfordshire UK. A lover of all things LOTR (since I first read it over 50 years ago) scifi and what have you. Ex soldier (Royal Artillery) and other trades ;-)

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What's on your "Everyday Carry" USB stick?
  • The sysadmin managed to utter as the plane smashed into the Earth, 'I use Arch by the way'.

  • What's on your "Everyday Carry" USB stick?
  • With no phone/tablet/laptop how are you going to look at them?
    Print them out and/or memorise (as much as you can) them.

  • The MAGA Plan to End Free Weather Reports | Project 2025 would all but dissolve the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • I wouldn't mind betting there's an element of truth there. The orange man child would do it out of spite.

  • How Quickly Can Your Cholesterol Drop on a Plant- Based Diet?
  • Yes, and this is a regular thing for me now. I make a small pot every couple of days. Some plain, some with herbs, some with chilli.

    Edit: For those wondering, it's a soft cheese, a bit like Boursin.

    There is an excellent site for Camembert style cheeses. Made some a few years ago when I had space for a 'cheese fridge'. It was excellent.

  • Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe [OC]
  • Sailed to here a few times whilst I was in Army in the 80's. We'd sail out of the British Army Sailing Club at Kiel and potter about up and down the coast of Denmark. Damp, Flensburg, Sønderborg and once overt to Søby and then Ærøskøbing. Some of the best times I had in the army were sailing in the Baltic.

  • Edinburgh reports positive effects of its 'pavement parking ban'
  • That happens here (Hertford, UK) all too often as well. Entitled people park where they like.
    I was in the post office the other week, a woman in front of me was paying some parking tickets (via postal order) for her husband. Apparently he can afford it and it doesn't bother him.

    Personally I think after a certain number, the car should be taken and crushed. That will bother him.

  • 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday (1978)
  • I wonder what a reformed 10cc would be like - they were always a cut above the rest.

  • named - Map your surname across the UK (from UCL Geography)
  • Neat. Bears out what we thought from previous family tree building.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? July 08
  • Rivers Of London series just gets better and better.

  • Genesis - Invisible Touch (1986)
  • I always thought this would have made a good track to use for Kingsmill 'Invisible Crust' bread.

  • Which distro do you find the most visually appealing?
  • I loved Peppermint. Has it been updated/does it work?
    Used to use it but it crapped out on me and last couple of versions haven't worked or had printer issues.

  • What book(s) are you currently reading or listening? July 01
  • An excellent choice.
    Think I'll do that as my next read as well.

  • Webb finds never-before-seen structures above Jupiter's Great Red Spot
  • It's dock for ships of the Jupiter Mining Corporation.

  • New filtering options - check your settings
  • Thank you!

    Update - can't see any posts now!

  • Exclusive: Majority Of Voters Want Next Government To Take UK Back Into European Union
  • We should have gone full metric and adopted the Euro years ago. Then all this bollocks about pints and good old sterling would have been done with.
    As usual with UK we do everything half arsed and settle for second best.

  • A trans-oceanic flight of over 4,200 km by painted lady butterflies - Nature Communications
  • This is just incredible. How does a tiny creature like that store enough energy to make that flight. They can't stop and feed.

    Nature is awesome and very humbling at times.

  • You can fit two cars there
  • I've seen a small woman driving a Hummer in Ware (Hertfordshire UK) of all places, can just about see out of the windows (that's another thing that pisses me off, don't people know you can raise the seat to let you see out of the windows?), can't park in normal bays as it's too big (and she can't see) and it has a plate something like V8 HMR. FFS.


  • Unused PPE worth £1.4bn was 'stored inappropriately'
  • Of course it was - forests are not designed to store PPE.