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Weekly Discussion: 10 June 2024
  • The rub of it is that we don’t know the future, the extra SS income stream if you delayed could be key if you run into health problems later in retirement that necessitate long term care. That stuff is expensive, and the places you’ll end up if you’re out of funds aren’t the places you want to be. Which isn’t to say your choice is bad, just offering another perspective where you might care about this even without kids or a spouse to worry about.

  • Weekly Discussion: 10 June 2024
  • I’ve thought a good amount about it, but I’m only on the cusp of 40. I think for many people it’s not even a choice to start pulling SS early, it’s a necessity. For example my dad has terrible finances and started taking payments at 63 because it was that or building up (more) credit card debt.

    Going back to the FIRE angle, I plan on retiring far enough out that I don’t foresee SS being a major factor either way. I’m also far enough out that whatever is going to happen with payments will long since have happened by the time I’m eligible. So my current thinking is to frame it as longevity insurance — basically leave it until 70 so if I live longer than I expect I’ll have a stronger income stream from SS for long term care or whatever else.

    How heavily does SS figure into your retirement plans?

  • It's Romea, dummya.
  • That’s nobody’s business but the Turks.

  • Understandable
  • If they try to stay will you wrestle your upvote back?

  • CD Projekt doesn't feel 'threatened' by Larian's move into Warsaw: 'The more, the merrier'
  • I guess it depends on the labor market, it could mean more competition for the same pool of game developers.

  • Happy Father's Day.
  • Jokes on them, we used IVF, they got picked for who knows what reason under a microscope.

    From your most photogenic swimmer.

  • What's something weird and mostly useless that you can do with your body?
  • It has “force”, but it’s not very impressive, I can shoot saliva in approximately a 1ft / 30cm arch.

  • What's something weird and mostly useless that you can do with your body?
  • This is my time to shine, my body is full of useless, I can:

    • gleek intentionally (saving people a search: it’s causing the salivary glands under your tongue to shoot saliva, people often do it unintentionally when yawning)
    • open my jaw wide enough that it goes out of socket, and twofer I can then move it side to side and produce a loud popping noise
    • bend my thumb down to my wrist
    • cause my heart rate to spike for short periods even when at rest
    • make a three leaf clover with my tongue
    • click my tongue extremely loudly
  • Weekly Discussion: 27 May 2024
  • I’d love to see more content and engagement. It’s hard when you’re a niche community within a niche platform. More posts amongst the same small set of voices may or may not end up leading to meaningful engagement.

    Perhaps a parallel question to consider that ties in with your goal of helping more people improve their financial lives: What content would attract new members to the community? Naively the back to basics type focus seems like something that could be welcoming for newcomers, even just explaining what FIRE is and how the (Shocking Simple™) math works.

    Honestly it’s a shame there wasn’t a meaningful migration of FIRE folks from reddit to lemmy.

  • Microplastics found in every human testicle in study
  • Peelastic is stored in the balls.

  • Barron Trump declines to serve as an RNC delegate
  • I don’t know, I keep seeing Christopher Walken when I see these pictures of the kid.

  • For people living where Mother's Day is tomorrow, what are you getting her?
  • I’m leaving the country for two weeks for work. Am I doing it right?

  • Office job
  • Formal attire, old computers, and over the top weapons. I just like the concept.

  • Oh Yeah
  • Remember...
  • Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, we’re all going to die. Come watch TV.

  • PSA: Don't eat cicadas if you're allergic to shellfish... or at all
  • I’m pretty sure all insect fragments, rodent droppings, and the like all vanish as soon as they cross the EU border in accordance with food safety regulations. /s

    I did start reading into said EU regulations a bit, but I won’t ruin your day.