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Read Joe Biden’s letter announcing he is dropping out of the US election
  • Finally!

    He took his own sweet time. But I will say this: the man has class and history will remember his gesture well.

  • Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Buys 150 Million-Year-Old Stegosaurus for $46 million —Making It Most Expensive Fossil Ever Sold
  • Most Expensive Fossil Ever Sold

    That's just because presidential campaign backers usually like to keep quiet about their contributions.

  • Hedge Fund Billionaire Ken Griffin Buys 150 Million-Year-Old Stegosaurus for $46 million —Making It Most Expensive Fossil Ever Sold
  • You do realize that the owners of the things they sell are the ones who commission then to sell their things for them, right?

    Anyway, the problem isn't auction houses, it's the ultra-wealthy driving prices of the things they desire to insane levels. And the reason it's a problem is because those prices are totally artificial and grossly inflated, solely for said ultra-wealthy to hide their wealth in the artificially expensive things they buy and avoid paying taxes that would benefit you and me and the whole of society.

  • Non-invasive minor bone end corrections?
  • Thanks. Actually the problematic bits on me are just phalanges. They're teeny tiny bones, so I'm hoping to avoid the full surgery like your dad. Also, my skin is quite thin and fragile there, so I'd rather the surgeon opened it up and damaged it as little as possible to get to the offending bones. Because if it goes bad, I'm going to regret it for many months.

    Also, good news regarding the bone spurs: You too can dodge serving in Vietnam

    Nevermind Vietnam: I could become president! 🙂

  • Non-invasive minor bone end corrections?

    Before I go see another doctor about this...

    One of my residual phalanges has developed a small bone spur over the years, and another is too long - always has been - and hurts my skin from the inside.

    I need to have the bone spur taken care of at some point, and I'd like to have the other residual phalange trimmed a quarter inch or so.

    One doctor I saw about this a couple of years ago proposed full surgery, complete with general anaesthesia and more stitches than I really want, and I declined at the time because it seemed like a lot for so little.

    My neighbor - who has all his limbs but is at the age when this sort of thing happens - had a bone spur on his heel taken care of, and he told me it was a simple, half-hour, local anaesthesia keyhole surgery with just one stitch and a week of easy recovery.

    Does anybody know if that's also an option for small residual extremities bones and whether I should shop around to find a more competent surgeon?

    I'm curious: how do you say "VI"?
  • if you’ve ever actually used Vee Eye, you’d throw your computer out the window

    I have used vanilla VI on real Unices (i.e. pre-Linux and pre-Minix). In fact, that's the VI I learned VI with.

    The first "better VI" I used was Elvis. Then VIM of course. But here's the thing: even decades later, I still consider their extended features niceties rather than essentials. In other words, I'm still very happy to run vanilla VI to this day. The only thing from VI of yore I can't really stand anymore is HJKL: I kind of need the arrows, and the ability to move in edit mode.

  • I'm curious: how do you say "VI"?
  • How weird. I've always said "Ed" - like the name 🙂

  • I'm curious: how do you say "VI"?

    When I was a student a few decades ago, everybody I knew pronounced it as "vee-eye". Then in the late nineties / early aughts, I heard the first people pronounced it as "vie" in a different city I had found employment in. It sounded odd to me, and it seemed to come from people who in fact didn't use it much. But the pronounciation I was used to still applied, mostly.

    Nowadays, I almost never talk about VI to anyone anymore, nor do I hear anyone say the name. It's become mostly a typed thing for me. But - coincidence? - this week I heard three people talk about it (younger, non VI users) and they all said "vie".

    And now I'm watching this video from the reasonably famous and definitely not young and not VI newbie NCommander and he too says "vie" in the video.

    I'm beginning to worry that I'm the one who's been saying it wrong all this time because of my misguided college buddies and teachers way back when 🙂

    So I'm curious: how do YOU say it? VEE-EYE or VIE?

    What's on your "Everyday Carry" USB stick?
  • My "everyday carry" isn't a USB stick, but it can act as one - and much much more: I always have my trusty Flipper Zero with me, and the image I carry in the mass storage emulator is the Linux Mint installer, with extra space in the image to store small files.

    To be honest, the Flipper Zero's mass storage emulator turns it into the slowest USB stick you never saw. But in a pinch, it's there and it's usable. I use my Flipper for a variety of other things all the time - including, with my laptop, as a presentation remote and secondary mouse - and I almost never need a USB flash drive. So slow though it is, it's enough for when I do need one.

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • The right sequence of buttons on any calculator is 5318008. That was determined shortly after the invention of the pocket calculator.

  • Reddit mods ban for "not punctuating correcttly"
  • Everybody knows you shouldn't talk about periods, silly.

  • Techlore - Unsubscribe
  • If you have any interest in promoting who you endorse, you're tainted and your integrity comes into question. It's that simple.

    You in your heart of hearts may genuinely be trying to be impartial, but we can't know that for sure because we don't have access to your heart of hearts. The only proof of your independence is keeping whichever company's interests you promote entirely separate from your own interests.

    When Techlore has affiliate links, or accept free flights to Taiwan from the companies whose products they review, they lose all credibility. If you do that too, you do too.

  • Techlore - Unsubscribe

    After their shameless Synology shilling a couple of weeks ago, today Techlore is trying to sell me Proton Pass.

    Is Proton Pass a bad password manager? I don't know. It seems okay, but I have no opinion.

    What I do know is that Techlore is affiliated with Proton, which makes their newest 10-minute video - in which they reveal the affiliation only at the last minute - 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

    Unfortunately, In the business they're in, the merest hint of a bias kind of invalidates any advice they give. As the saying goes, when you point out other people's body odor, you'd better make sure you took a shower yourself.


    Jailbreaking RabbitOS: Uncovering Secret Logs, and GPL Violations
  • AI product violates your privacy. What a shocker... I would have been surprised if it didn't.

    Actually I'm surprised when any product respects privacy these days, not just AI products. But AI in particular owes its very existence to corporate surveillance and runs on privacy violation. It just comes with the beast.

  • Jailbreaking RabbitOS: Uncovering Secret Logs, and GPL Violations
  • AI product violates your privacy. What a shocker... I would have been surprised if it didn't.

  • Looking for some Finnish recipes / Etsin suomalaisia ​​reseptejä
  • I like rössypottu myself - a specialty of the Oulu region. But since you're a vegetarian, the blood pudding (veripalttu) might not be up your alley.

  • Firefox added ad tracking and has already turned it on without asking you
  • This almost sounds like a hoax. But assuming it's true... Install LibreWolf. It's Firefox without the infuriating Mozilla stupid.

  • NewPipe outage over: version 0.27.1 restores YouTube playback
  • The NewPipe team deserve a Nobel Prize. It might look like an unimportant video player, but it's one of the last bastion of resistance against he Google monopoly and monoculture, the total invasion of advertisement in every corner of our lives, the privacy violation that always come with Google, and the general enshittification of the internet.

    Thank goodness for NewPipe...

  • [Discussion] What is your price range when you get a new phone?
  • Price is not the only factor for me: deGoogled is priority number one, and repairability is not far behind.

    With that in mind, I'd pay a lot of money for a rather average phone because that's exactly what I got: yesterday's phone at today's price. But I got what I wanted and I'm happy with it. So the price was right.

  • Signal under fire for storing encryption keys in plaintext on desktop app
  • Whatever its stores and however it stores it doesn't matter to me: I moved its storage space to my ~/.Private encrypted directory. Same thing for my browser: I don't use a master password or rely on its encryption because I set it up so it too saves my profile in the ~/.Private directory.

    See here for more information. You can essentially secure any data saved by any app with eCryptfs - at least when you're logged out.

    Linux-only of course. In Windows... well, Windows.

  • Google Contacts is getting a new 'Use without an account' option
  • Now you can let Google plunder your contacts without an account. That's progress!

  • How i can stop this google nag banner to login in third party websites?
  • Set your language to English: you'll get the nag in English.



    Seriously though, install Ublock Origin and block as many Google domains as possible. In Reddit, to get rid of that particular nag, block and

    Alternatively, don't do Reddit.

  • Company brought to its knees by a cable

    Yesterday around noon, the internet at my company started acting up. No matter, slowdowns happen and there's roadwork going on outside: maybe they hit the fiber or something. So we waited.

    Then our Samba servers started getting flaky. And the database too. Uh oh... That's different.

    We started investigating. Some machines were dropping ICMP packets like crazy, then recovered, then other machines started to become unpingable too. I fired up Wireshark and discovered an absolute flood of IGMP packets on all the trunks, mostly broadcast from Windows machine. It was so bad two Linux machines on the same switch couldn't ping each other reliably if the switch was connected to the intranet.

    So we suspected a DDOS attack initiated from within the intranet by an outside attacker. We cut off the internet, but the storm of packets kept on coming. Physically disconnecting machines from the intranet one by one didn't do a thing either.

    Eventually, we started disconnecting each trunk one by one from the main router until we disconnected one and all the activity lights immediately stopped on all the ports. We reconnected it and the crazy traffic resumed.

    So we went to that trunk's subrouter and did the same thing. When we found the cable that stopped all the traffic, we followed it and finally found one lonely $10 ethernet switch with... a cable with both ends plugged into the switch. We disconnected the cable and everything instantly returned to normal.

    One measly cable brought the entire company to a standstill for hours! Because half of the software we have to use are cloud crap or need to call their particular motherships to activate their licenses, many people couldn't work anymore for no good technical reason at all while we investigated the networking issue.

    Anyway, I thought switches had protections against that sort of loopback connection, and routers prevented circular routes. But there's theory and there's reality. Crazy!


    GPL violation follow-up - some bad news and some good news

    You might recall a few weeks ago that I requested from a well-known large and somewhat litigious company the source code of the modification they made to a certain GPL debugger, and that they grudgingly agreed after a long time.

    So I set out to work on the pile of code they sent me and managed to extract their modifications and port them fo the latest version of that GPL tool... apart from one driver for their debug probes that we use throughout our company: the cunning bastards left a stub in the open-source debugger (I have the code for that) and that stubs talks to the rest of the driver in the form of a closed-source TCP server.

    It's a blatant trick to go around the GPL by taking advantage of the grey area surrounding linking in the GPL - i.e. the question of whether a closed-source program can be linked to GPL code and not become GPL itself, which still hasn't been tested in court to my knowledge. If I recall correctly, the FSF is of the opinion that anything that dynamically links to GPL code becomes GPL too, but that's just an opinion.

    And of course, here in this case, the aforementioned company added one degree of separation between their closed-source driver and the GPL tool that uses it by making it a server, so whatever argument against linking to GPL code becomes even weaker.

    Anyway, as you can imagine, I'm disappointed: my work is 90% there, but I still don't have that one driver and their closed-source faux-server is half-broken and dog-slow because of the time it takes to spawn the server and communicate with it through TCP, and I can't fix it. And I'm 100% certain that if I asked them to send me the source code for that, they'd tell me to suck eggs.

    But here's what happened: I got so tired of their shenanigans that I started investigating other debug probes I could use instead of their proprietary junk. And after quite a lot of investigation, I found one solution based on open hardware and open software that, with some careful configuration, works 2x to 3x faster than their proprietary debug probe. Wow! I didn't even know it was possible, and I probably wouldn't have researched it if I had had all I needed to make what we already own works.

    Long story short: I proposed that my company replace all our existing proprietary debug probes with the open hardware one and my boss agreed. That's like 20 probes in total, between R&D, testing and production, and at the tune $266.99 per probe for the original proprietary one, that's $5339.80 the egregious GPL-violating company won't get from us. Not to mention renewal of the license for their IDE that we've been using for almost 2 decades, because finally, at long last, after over a month of solid work, I finally managed to free up our source code from their vendor lock-in and make it compile, debug and flash using open-source tools from start to finish!

    So yeah, I didn't get what I originally wanted from that company. That's the bad news. But in the end I ended up better off without it, and that's the good news 🙂


    Has Techlore sold out?

    I like Techlore ( if you don't know) and I usually regard them as one of the most impartial and most trustworthy Youtubers out there. But for the past few months, I couldn't help noticing their somewhat heavy bias towards some of their video sponsors. Still, everybody has to eat right?

    This time though, it looks like Synology flew them over to Taiwan, and if you watch their video at the event, it's wall-to-wall Synology shilling. I'm really disappointed.

    49 Bionic leg moves like a natural limb — without conscious thought

    Computer interface links signals from the brain to an artificial limb, giving the wearer better balance, flexibility and speed.

    Bionic leg moves like a natural limb — without conscious thought
    0 Penile cancer: 6,500 amputations in Brazil in a decade

    "It's something you never imagine will happen to you," says João, 63, who under went a partial amputation.

    Penile cancer: 6,500 amputations in Brazil in a decade

    My quest to find a simple, unobtrusive autocompletion solution is finally successful

    So I'm very happy with vim, and have been for the past quarter century (I used Elvis before that. Remember Elvis? It was awesome! - But I digress...)

    I have to admit though, while I pity the fools in my company who use VSCode and mock me for using vim in the terminal, yet in fact produce code much slower than I do, I envy their IDE that suggests function and variable names in other project files.

    So I've been looking for a nice, easy-to-install solution to get some of that goodness in vim. Nothing fancy, just autocomplete suggestions to avoid having to grep names I forgot or having to yank/put text manually to prevent typos. And mostly easy, because for some reason, I'm properly allergic to any sort of vi configuration - be it vim or any other vi flavor.

    So I gave Neovim a shot. My plan was to ensure Neovim was at least as good as Vim, then try to install Treesitter. But that plan immediately went south, then kept on being a proper pain in the ass until I finally realized this was going nowhere fast and I didn't want to spend countless hours configuring that awful thing, so I gave up. I wasn't asking for much but Neovim totally failed to deliver.

    And then I found the solution I was looking for all along: YouCompleteMe. It's as simple as installing the handy vim-youcompleteme .deb for my distro (Linux Mint), running vam to install it and voila: a working autocompleter that actually works in 3 minutes flat and doesn't get in my way.


    Beware of mosquitoes

    A mosquito bit me smack on a stump, right in the middle of a scar, and the entire scar flared up overnight over half its length like I had a chemical burn or something. It happened last week and it's still red and inflamed.

    This scar has been well healed 6 years ago and is normally invisible. The doc says wait and see, but it's mildly disturbing considering it was a single mosquito 7 days ago.

    So beware y'all: your skin might look nice and healthy on your tender bits, but evidently it can still be weak and vulnerable.


    How to disable automatic identation

    I'm normally a straight vim user (just out of habit, no particular preference) and I'm giving neovim a spin. So far I like it but...

    For the love of all that's holy, how do I disable automatic indentation?

    I have noautoindent set, nosmartindent set, filetype indent off, but neovim keeps inserting indentations. The only thing that works is setting paste on, but that's not the right solution to this problem.

    Please help. This is driving me nuts!


    What's the most suitable small EV to disable all internet connectivity?

    I have a very old diesel that I maintain religiously to make it last as long as possible, and whenever possible, I ride the bus. It's not that I wouldn't like a new car - and particularly an EV, those cars are attractive for a lot of reasons - but they all spy on their users nowadays and that's a big no-no for me. For that reason and that reason alone, I've refrained from buying a new car for years.

    But now I have a good reason to buy an EV: my employer has installed solar panels on the company's roof, is in the process of installing charge points on the parking lot, and is offering all the employees free charging.

    So I'm on the market for a small electric econobox to commute roughly 30 miles per day. I don't want anything fancy: just an honest-to-goodness little car with a steering wheel, an accelerator, a brake pedal and doors that lock. That's it. I don't care about creature comfort, I don't care about radio, GPS or anything else. I just want a car. And of course, of upmost importance to me, I want a car without telemetry, that doesn't spy on me and doesn't report to the mothership.

    So far I think the best option is to buy one of the first gen EVs with a 2G or 3G connection that plain doesn't work anymore, and have it overhauled. The problem is, I might want to buy a more recent, possibly more efficient vehicle. Also, good luck finding someone competent to service a battery pack in my area.

    If I went for a newer vehicle, what would be the best make/model to disable the internet immediately after purchase without any side effect? I've read that some models report a fault until the internet connectivity is restored, so those would be out of the question. And of course, if the antennae / SIM / 4G PCB or whatever needs to be disabled are super-hard to find, it wouldn't be ideal either.

    Any way to convert a modern car into an honest vehicle, or should I keep riding the bus and give the opportunity offered by my employer a pass?


    What to do when a giant company refuses to honor a GPL claim?

    So this very large company who shall remain nameless distributes a proprietary software development environment that includes a patched version of a certain, well-known open-source debugging tool.

    The patch is to make said open-source tool support their products. It's not even hidden or anything: the binary is sitting right there in the installation directory, it's called the exact same thing the vanilla debugger is called and when I run it on the command line, it clearly says "patched for xyz".

    The tool in question is distributed under the GPLv2 and I need to modify it for my own project. So I sent an email to the company to request the source code for their modification, but they refuse by playing dumb and pretending they don't understand the question. They keep telling me the source code to their IDE is not public. I keep telling them I don't want their IDE but the source for the modified GPL backend tool they bundle with it. But no: they claim it's part of their product and they won't release it.

    Anybody knows the best course of action to deal with this? It's the first company I've dealt with that explicitly refuses to honor the GPL. I don't even think it's malice: I'm fairly sure the L2 support guy handling my ticket was told to deny my request by his clueless supervisor who didn't bother escalating it. But it's also a huge company that's known to be aggressive and litigious, whereas I'm just one guy and I'm not lawyering up over this. I have other hills to die on.

    Who should I pass the potato to? The FSF?


    I spotted this at Prisma: the perfect metaphor for Finland

    It's attractive, it looks friendly, it's genuinely good, yet for no good reason, it tries to convince you it's not really that great 🙂


    The new Momentum firmware is out Release mntm-002 · Next-Flip/Momentum-Firmware

    ⬇️ Download 🖥️ Web Updater (chrome) [recommended] 🐬 qFlipper Package (.tgz) 📦 Zipped Archive (.zip) Check the install guide if you're not sure, or join our Discord if you have questions or en...

    Release mntm-002 · Next-Flip/Momentum-Firmware

    It's based on the latest firmware (0.101.2) so you get all the latest drivers. And if you maintain Flipper Zero software, you can finally let uFBT use the latest SDK instead of 0.99.1.

    The update went without a hitch on all my Flippers and as far as I can tell, it works very well.

    Here's a walkthrough of the intro, the Momentum app and some of the desktop assets:


    Euro bottles are so much better now Tethered caps suck

    I know they're supposed to be good for the environment but... God I hate those caps.

    Tethered caps suck

    Flipper Zero console remote control

    Remote control your Flipper in a text terminal


    Astounding absurdity

    None of what follows is new. I know this stuff happens all the time. And yet somehow this insignificant thing shocked me and it's been gnawing at me for the past few days. And today was the icing on the shit cake.

    So my wife ordered a a foot massage machine. $50, typical el-cheapo thing made in China. The thing was shipped to our home out in the boonies in less than 48 hours. Wow!

    My wife opened the box, got the device out onto the floor and... she couldn't fit her feet inside. She's not big, but apparently the device was designed for customers in the Shire. Unusable.

    So she emailed the distributor who told her to cut the cord, send them a photo proving the destruction and throw it away herself. Not return the device. Not pretend to return the device and the device is thrown away behind her back. No no: this time, the distributor told her in no uncertain terms that it's cheaper for them to let her destroy the thing herself.

    And then it hit me: here is a device that was born in China, put together by some underpaid workers in a nondescript factory, designed by someone who didn't give a shit, made out of materials that probably came out of the ground somewhere in Africa and in Saudi Arabia - probably involving child labor at some point or other - put on a boat, shipped halfway around the world, then put into a truck, only to be landfilled here.

    It didn't even see a single second of use. This is utterly absurd and completely depressing.

    I'm not compatible with that. When I buy something, the thing has value and I want it to have a decently useful life. It's not about ecology or money: it's just basic respect for the resources and the human labor that went into this thing. The value of the object is what it cost the Earth and the people who toiled to make it and ship it to me. When I use my things, I show respect for those who made them and it justifies the use ot the materials they're made of.

    But here I was looking at that poor thing across the room, unloved and unlovable, whose sole purpose as an object was to be landfilled without ever seeing any use. It consumed resources and someone worked to make it, yet somehow it never had any value for anybody.

    And the most depressing thing about it is, its very existence from Chinese factory to my local landfill is totally absurd and makes no sense at all, yet all the invididual steps that contributed to it being fabricated and ultimately landing on our doorstep were a series of perfectly rational economical decisions: someone found added value in designing and building a shit foot massage machine, my wife found it worth buying sight unseen, someone figured there was money to be made shipping it here, and the distributor decided to outsource its destruction to the customers because it's cheaper than destroying it themselves - let alone shipping it back to Shenzen or wherever. And yet when you string everything together, the net result is senseless waste and production of things that have no inherent worth. How crazy is that eh?

    I couldn't throw it away. So I replaced the cord and I gave it to the local Red Cross store yesterday to give to someone in need or sell it for pennies. Today, I passed by the shop on my way to work and saw the damn thing in their garbage container behind the store. In the box. Unopened. I guess it will be going to the landfill after all...

    That really put the final damper on my day today...

    Sorry if this is the wrong venue, but I really needed to vent.


    Is it just me or Rob Braxman has lost it lately?

    I've never been super-impressed by Rob Braxman. I mean he's never truly wrong in what he was saying in his Youtube videos, but his explanations are over-simplistic, a bit of a shortcut (but fair enough to reach a wide audience I guess), and mostly designed to sell his meh deGoogled cellphones and equally meh privacy services. But all in all, he's somewhat watchable and sometimes informative after I'm done watching all the new videos from the other, more interesting channels I follow.

    But lately, his videos seem to have shifted markedly toward unhinged rants and sensationalist conspiracy theory. His latest video for instance is utter nonsense:

    Skynet 2024: The Infrastructure is Complete!

    I mean yeah, okay, technically he's talking about a real thing. But Skynet? And doomsday Terminator imagery from 1984? Really?

    I'm pretty sure the man doesn't have all his fries in the cone anymore. This can't possibly be a conscious strategy to win more Youtube subscribers: this sort of video is going to lose him the part of his audience that has a genuine and technically-informed interest in privacy, and I doubt he's ever going to become a favorite of the sort of crowd who likes conspiracy theories.

    Either that or Youtube is a lot stupider than I thought and he noticed an uptick in subscribers when he makes videos like that. At any rate, I really hesitate to click on any of his new videos now.


    You gotta love devices that keep getting more useful every day

    I just discovered this repo: Mitsubishi AC remote.

    I have a reversible Mitsubishi AC.

    Cloned the report, ufbt-launched it, and hey presto! I now have a second AC remote to fight my wife over the temperature in the living room with 🙂

    Thanks Anton!