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We live in a society
  • Keeping in mind that till recently it was common for the lemonade to be available where people could get their own refills. Also containing guarana, not as many people (including myself) would immediately recognize it as a simulant or have some kind of reference to their personal tolerance for intake.

    "Brown, 46, had an unspecified chromosomal deficiency disorder, a developmental delay and a mild intellectual disability. He lived independently, frequently stopping at Panera after his shifts at a supermarket, the legal complaint says. Because he had high blood pressure, he did not consume energy drinks, it adds.

    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Brown’s mother, sister and brother less than two months after Panera was hit with a separate lawsuit regarding Sarah Katz, an Ivy League student with a heart condition who died in September 2022 after she drank a Charged Lemonade. That lawsuit, first reported by NBC News, called the beverage a “dangerous energy drink” and argued that Panera failed to appropriately warn consumers about its ingredients, which include the stimulant guarana extract.

    Panera has advertised its Charged Lemonade as “Plant-based and Clean with as much caffeine as our Dark Roast coffee.” At 390 milligrams of caffeine, a large, 30-fluid-ounce Charged Lemonade has more caffeine in total than any size of Panera’s dark roast coffee, the legal complaints say. The large cup contains more than the caffeine content of standard cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined, plus the equivalent of nearly 30 teaspoons of sugar, the complaints say."

  • Can't outsmart your teacher
  • Or adults!

    I used to teach massage at a vocational school, and for multiple reasons had a "no phones" policy on the classroom (distraction, exposed body parts, and others.) I could have ignored it during lectures except that the overlap of students on their phone and the ones asking to re-explain information or just lost as to what they're supposed to be doing was nearly perfect.

  • Emails Reveal How a Hospital Bowed to Political Pressure to Stop Treating Trans Teens
  • "bent out of shape over something you can't even remember"

    I'm pretty sure he probably remembers he's been circumcised whenever he goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, changes his underwear...

    If a person is drugged or blackout drunk is it ok to rape them if they don't remember?

    Is it ok for a parent to put tattoos on their child if they get it done while the baby is young enough not to remember?

    Someone can come to terms with a situation and still be allowed to be angry about it.

  • YSK that chiropractors are not medical doctors and "Systematic reviews... have found no evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective"
  • For what it's worth, as a massage therapist I've interviewed with some chiropractors and know plenty of other therapists who have worked for them. The number of chiropractors NOT doing some kind of shady billing or breaking some other scope of practice/ethical boundaries is shockingly small. I'm sure they exist, but in swapping stories with other therapists over almost 2 decades, I might know 1.

    For example, one Chiro I interviewed with had his "program" set as patients being categorized into "back" or "neck" patients. Depending on which you were categorized into determined how many sessions (manipulation plus other therapies) per week for 8 weeks the patient would receive. After 8 weeks he would reassess. Seriously waiting 8 weeks to see if it's helping. He knew what insurances would cover, so he cookie cuttered his whole practice. From what it looked like I don't think people "graduated" by getting better, moreso just once they ran out of money.

  • YSK that chiropractors are not medical doctors and "Systematic reviews... have found no evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective"
  • As a massage therapist that used to work in education (director of education at a massage school and taught anatomy/pathology) results will vary wildly across the States. The majority of states only started licensing in the last 10-15 years, and of course requirements for licensing and supervision varies. Some schools teach enough anatomy to get their students to pass the tests, then focus their time teaching spa type massage (aromatherapy, wraps, hot stones, etc.) or energy work. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, but it serves a different purpose.

    There are definitely schools that exist that focus more on therapeutic/rehabilitative work, but even then the challenge is finding a therapist with an up to date approach who doesn't buy the old school "no pain no gain" who kicks the shit out of you. Massage shouldn't hurt. But if your find the right therapist for you, they're worth their weight in gold.

  • Petty thief
  • Kitty isn't actually eating Cheetos. This is a photo from a seance and they've connected to the spirit of the original Chester Cheetah. This is simply ectoplasm being expelled.

  • Florida Woman Charged With Posing as Homeschooler to Prey on Boy
  • Someone close to me was raped the first 5 years of his life by a relative, and has been in therapy (very successfully) ever since. When someone that young experiences ongoing trauma like that, it fucks all the developmental areas in life including the reward/feel good parts of the brain. There are things that the brain becomes wired for that can't be undone, but with effective treatment can be managed.

    Under the best circumstances recovery is incredibly hard, without therapy and proper support it's not surprising someone could go off the rails like this. Not saying that this predator was abused because I don't know, but it's statistically likely.

  • On his deathbed, her father told her a secret: He’d spent his life as a fugitive for robbing a bank
  • There's an actual quality true crime podcast called Crime Junkie, and an associated podcast specifically dedicated to cold cases called The Deck. It's a whole thing for some people, but occasionally a listener hits on something and makes a phone call that gets the ball rolling again.

    I listen because I find it interesting, but that's the extent of it. Some people it's truly a hobby, or more to chase information down.

  • Personal space
  • In this case Finland actually takes care of their people and homelessness isn't a problem there. They're just really polite introverts who I might guess prefer sitting alone as opposed to on a bench close to others.

    Source - my introverted niece met a Fin, fell in love, moved to Finland and is in absolute heaven. Her husband has visited the States a few times and is always overwhelmed with the casual social interactions with strangers in public.

  • Do you use a coffee subscription? Which one?
  • Local to me, but offers subscriptions as well.

    I haven't subscribed because different times of year I order from Modest or pick up from another local roaster, but the beans I get were typically roasted a day or so before shipping.