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Eat it
  • I think switching to a frequency that a different region uses could be dangerous, since then the airplanes near do border would receive the signal but the airport wouldn't. This could lead to misscommunications.

    Also, the airline pays for the jets.

    PS: source is

    PPS: They do try the emergency frequency, routing a message through the previous area controller as well as anything else they can think of first. I left it out for brevity. Of course, fighter jets are not the first choice.

  • Eat it
  • They don't command them, but they call them in like you call the police.

    Fun fact: From time to time, a pilot forgets to change frequency when entering a new area. This means the plane looks like it is not communicating. This is the most common reason why jets are sent to intercept an airliner. Of course, I would pay to see a recording of the pilots as they see the jet in front of them and realize they messed up.

  • Authy got hacked, and 33 million user phone numbers were stolen
  • Aegis is probably best, but if can't use it:

    KeePass supports it. Specifically I have KeePassXC on Windows and I think TOTP may be a plugin and KeePassDX on Android which has it natively. I sync my db using syncthing.

    Finally, BitWarden is not terrible choice although I would not trust both factors to important account to a single cloud/online solution.

  • Eat the rich?
  • In the first place, looking at wealth is pointless. I could make a thousand dollars a day and as long as I spend them immediately on services, (e.g. permanently living in an expensive hotel, renting a supercar) I could have net worth of $0 while living like a king. On the other hand, a struggling business owner may have millions in equipment and still have trouble putting food on the table. "Wealth" is not a good indicator of anything.

  • Eat the rich?
  • The 8 richest people in the world according to investopedia have a combined net worth of about $1,369 billion. Divide that by 3.6 billion and it is about $380 per person. Idk what the average net worth of the poorest half of the world's population is, but I doubt it is below $380.

    TL;DR: I'm calling bullshit.

  • [USA] Appeals court rules that cops can physically make you unlock your phone
  • Yes, and it may be a good idea to have it just in case. But the courts in the US so far mostly ruled that police forcing you to give biometrics to unlock is fine, as it is the same as fingerprinting you when you are arrested. But forcing you to give pin/password is the same as testifying against yourself, which is against the 5th amendment. So they usually can't make you to give them a pin/password. At least in theory. Still better to have it in practice.

  • With GPL, you're programming Freedom. With MIT, you're programming for free.
  • P.S: you are still talking about "other people". Can you try to make any value judgement and own it? How about "I don't care about software freedom and prefer to get free stuff"?

    Why? Because your argument has failed beyond redemption so you need something else to impotently insult?

    Which is completely besides the point of the post


  • With GPL, you're programming Freedom. With MIT, you're programming for free.
  • The whole discussion is about how MIT-style licensing is not as effective for software freedom as GPL licenses.

    How dumb are you? You think wikipedia links make you a scholar? No one here disagrees GPL is far better for "software freedom". I argue many people don't care about "software freedom" and MIT is better for those people. Read the shit you reply to.

  • With GPL, you're programming Freedom. With MIT, you're programming for free.
  • I disagree. Sure, for some larger crucial projects, companies would pay. But for the majority of (small) projects, we would just handwrite an inferior solution from scratch rather than handle the bureaucracy. The result would be wasted additional effort, inferior features and more bugs.

    And even if that was not the case and bureaucracy was not an issue, the question is how much better would the paid for "professional" FOSS software be compared to the free one. If it was so much better, that it justified the price, it would outcompete the free one anyway. And if it is not, then by definition it is better we use the free one.

  • With GPL, you're programming Freedom. With MIT, you're programming for free.
  • The "problem" is that those contributions can be taken and exploited by large corporations.

    You say exploited, I say used. Or on the other hand, you can argue that large FOSS projects like Linux distros are exploiting smaller projects they package, since they don't share their donations...

    IMO there is no issue if the wishes of the author are respected. The authors wishing for companies to use their code is just as valid as wishing to restrict it to FOSS.

  • If you want communism, you can start a commune

    I see this way too often here on Lemmy, so I want to post this. Starting a commune is legal in most countries. If you believe in communism, you can found a commune and show us all how great it is.

    You lack money? Well, that is literally what stock markets and venture capitalists (capitalism) are created to solve. If you are ready for an IPO, you can sell shares to raise funds. If you are not, you can get Venture Capital in exchange for shares until you are ready for an IPO.

    Getting rid of capitalism means you need to find a different way to obtain funding for new ventures. And if your system relies on government charity (some government board handing you money) or taking resources violently, than your system sucks.

    Edit: I don't mean that this is a replacement for full communist system. I mean this as a way to get some of the advantages while showing sceptics (like me) it can work and is better. A first step.