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CrowdStrike Isn't the Real Problem
  • Yes and no. In the best case, endpoints have enough cached data to get us through that process. In the worst case, that's still a considerably smaller footprint to fix by hand before the rest of the infrastructure can fix itself.

  • CrowdStrike Isn't the Real Problem
  • With enough autism in your overlay configs, sure, but in my environment tat leakage is still encrypted. It's far simpler to just accept leakage and encrypt the OS partition with a key that's never stored anywhere. If it gets lost, you rebuild the system from pxe. (Which is fine, because it only takes about 20 minutes and no data we care about exists there) If it's working correctly, the OS partition is still encrypted and protects any inadvertent data leakage from offline attacks.

  • CrowdStrike Isn't the Real Problem
  • We do this in a lot of areas with fslogix where there is heavy persistent data, it just never felt necessary to do that for endpoints where the persistent data partition is not much more than user settings and caches of convenience. Anything that is important is never stored solely on the endpoints, but it is nice to be able to reboot those servers without affecting downstream endpoints. If we had everything locally dependant on fslogix, I'd have to schedule building-wide outages for patching.

  • CrowdStrike Isn't the Real Problem
  • Separate persistent data and operating system partitions, ensure that every local network has small pxe servers, vpned (wireguard, etc) to a cdn with your base OS deployment images, that validate images based on CA and checksum before delivering, and give every user the ability to pxe boot and redeploy the non-data partition.

    Bitlocker keys for the OS partition are irrelevant because nothing of value is stored on the OS partition, and keys for the data partition can be stored and passed via AD after the redeploy. If someone somehow deploys an image that isn't ours, it won't have keys to the data partition because it won't have a trust relationship with AD.

    (This is actually what I do at work)

  • Disneyland workers say they live in cars and motels due to low pay
  • You're making a lot of assumptions about my choices. I choose to live well below my means because I don't want this to happen to me. I don't have pets, despite wanting them. I didn't buy a nice house on an expensive loan; I rent a small crappy place in a decently safe area. I don't buy cars on loans, I fix them myself until I need to buy a new one in cash.. I live as if I make half as much as I do, and have done so since working my way through school.

    She should be making 40+/HR for what she does. Hard work out in the sun all day is brutal and should be adequately compensated. But until society figures it's shit out, people have to be willing to make hard choices. It can be done, it's just hard and people generally don't like making hard choices.

  • Disneyland workers say they live in cars and motels due to low pay
  • I would criticize anyone wasting money on an animal while living so close to their means that homelessness could conceivably be in their near future. Sometimes you have to make choices you don't want to; she probably never had the means to support those animals. The argument isn't that she should get rid of them, it's that she never should have had them in the first place. Animals are expensive, and I also wonder what she could do now if she had all the money she spent on them over the years of ownership.

    To be clear, I'm not advocating for $20/hr being considered a livable wage. Disney should be ashamed. Anyone working a full time job should be able to afford a pet if they want one. I just also believe in personal accountability.

  • Android 15 beta has an optional desktop mode
  • I think the vision was what Motorola delivered briefly a decade ago with webtop. The original version of it was a chrooted lubuntu with full access to apt, and custom applications that let you render your phone, or phone apps as an application. It was powerful enough to get me through my first 3 years of a computer science program in college with a lapdock as my primary "computer". (Think a brainless laptop, that you dock your phone into)

    When they moved from android 2.3 to 4.0, they dropped the lubuntu webtop in favor of Android's tablet mode, which was a huge bummer, and what made me get an actual laptop. Outside of gaming, if that were the average computer paradigm today I'd be a happy camper. Why buy two computers when you can buy one instead?

  • Fedora 41 Looks To Finally Say Goodbye To Python 2.7
  • Generally the lifecycle with this sort of thing is old_thing becomes an alias to new_thing, and eventually old_thing gets dropped as an alias down the line.

    It's still decent advice to learn dnf native calls and to update scripts using yum to those native calls.

  • Current list of disabled things for crota race

    • Tessellation Exotic Fusion Rifle
      • infinite alt fire mode glitch
    • Warlock Weavewalk Aspect (currently disabled in all raids and PvP activities)
      • unknown? (at least to me, please reply if you know why)
    • Titan Banner of War Aspect
      • 0 ammo swords can hit nova bomb hard
    • Foetracer Exotic Hunter Helmet
      • surge glitch
    • Elemental Munitions Mod
      • unknown?
    • Overload Hand Cannon Artifact Mod (Crota's End only)
      • malf + lucky pants damage glitch
      • glitch also works with secant, so secant might *did end up on this list soon?
    • Frenzied Stacks Artifact Mod
      • unknown?
    • All Ammo Reserve Mods
      • infinite special ammo glitch w/loadout swapping
    • All Font Armor Charge Mods
      • infinite extra stats from loadout swapping glitch to break armor charge timer
    • Malfeasance Exotic
      • probably pre-emptive in case the secant/mod disables weren't comprehensive
    • Secant Filaments Exotic
      • see overload HC & Malf
    • Empowering Finisher armor mod
      • probably for those who still have class items with multiple finisher mods?

    Bungie has said some of these will be equippable but will come with a "major light level penalty" if equipped in crota race. Read: Double/Triple/Quadruple check that you don't have any of these slotted or you might end up getting oneshot and very confused as to why.

    Edit: added malf, secant, empowering finish


    This Week In Destiny - 07/27/2023


    Solstice PSA: EAZ runs require equipping at least one piece before queuing; more can be swapped in after boss kill

    feather/ash conversion is 1:X where X is the number of pieces of armor equipped when the loot roll takes place. X must be > 0 during queue time.

    Optimal strategy:

    1. Equip the class armor piece and queue
    2. Complete the event and kill the boss
    3. Switch to a loadout with 5 armor pieces between the boss dying, and the loot rolling

    You will get the optimal 1:5 conversion with this method. Up to 20 feathers per run can be consumed based on the number of balls successfully thrown at the bonfire


    Video guide | How to get the new exotic | Wicked Implement


    A story in four pictures Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more from users.