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Anon gives back
  • Love the fact that even when committing to the bit about being anti-privacy they still know the internet is functionally unusable without an adblocker

    Also I'm about to say something ignorant as hell but: Isn't a Browser the same thing as a Search Engine?

  • UK's Starmer commits to increasing defence spending to 2.5% of GDP
  • I can't say I'm especially pro-military, but I think it's worth noting that a simple budget increase like this is definitely going to be vastly more effective at strengthening our armed forces than what Rishi Sunak BASED HIS ENTIRE CAMPAIGN ON, which was mandatory service for young people.

    Budget for good weapons, equipment and vehicles is way more important to a modern army than just having a lot of warm bodies to throw at a target- just look at Russia's atrocious waste of lives in Ukraine.

  • furry_irl DragonConsort

    Happy Pride

    Senior Riot devs say the League of Legends playerbase is getting older, with fewer newbies jumping in: 'Candidly, it's not the same situation it was 10 years ago'
  • It's almost as if having one of the worst reputations of any video game ever is damaging to your long-term health...

    Still, I can't really roast them. League of Legends genuinely did clean up their act when it comes to toxicity, and as hard as I tried to kick the habit, I still find myself going back and playing the occasional match of Heroes of the Storm, which is owned by a much scummier company that deserves to crash and burn.

    And really, the MOBA genre isn't as dominant as it once was in general either. It's been a gradual decline, there's been no big disaster that crashes everything. Just there are other genres in style right now. All things considered, I think LoL is doing totally fine given the circumstances. Nothing to worry about, so don't be disheartened if it's a game you enjoy.

  • Cruelty-based intervention: Russia is set to reintroduce antipsychotic drug as autism treatment
  • This isn't just cruel, it's actually actively disadvantaging Russia in a huge way.

    Anyone can be a scientist, and autistic people can go into any profession, but statistically speaking, autistic people tend to be the ones willing to obsess over data enough to get into science and make technical breakthroughs.

    Sure, a lot of other countries aren't exactly saintly when it comes to treating people who act a bit different, but good fucking luck building a tech industry that can compete with the world's dominant powers if you're actively removing people that aren't perfect little obedient clones of the ideal citizen.

  • The anti-AI sentiment in the free software communities is concerning.
  • I don't like AI because it's literally not AI. I know damn well that it is just a data scraping tool that throws a bunch of 'probably right' sentences or images into a proverbial blender and spits out an answer that has no actual comprehension or consistency behind it. It takes only an incredibly basic knowledge of computers and brains to know that we cannot make an actual intelligent program using the Von Neumann style of computer.

    I have absolutely no interest in technology being sold to me based on a lie. And if we're not calling this out for the lie it is, then it's going to just keep getting pushed by people trying to make money off the concept at the stock market.

  • The thick of this twit
  • Honestly, the Tory election campaign has been absolutely inspiring.

    It's just excellent to know that I, a normal person with zero political acumen, could do a significantly better job at campaigning for this. Really gives me some self confidence.

  • Look man I just wanted to play an actual dragon

    Meme based on this homebrew