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Truly independent web browser
  • Shaming people for not sharing your groupthink ideology is such a strange way to spend your limited time on this earth.

    He said with no sense of irony.

  • Truly independent web browser
  • Look, the dev is a reactionary. He lists that the browser is unstable and intended for devs. So IF I were to use it, that would mean reporting issues and/or fixing issues myself. I'm not interested in working with a reactionary. So I will not be using this browser. You're welcome to use the browser if you want. At this time, I'm not interested.

  • Truly independent web browser
  • And it's my view that we are free to dunk on people with bad views.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • but I am unsure whether I'd call him a predator (of course, language differences apply, too). That's just because I need words to express the predatory nature of people like Maxwell who prey on teens and YA.

    What do you mean by this? Beahm was preying on a minor by sexting that minor and asking to meetup at twitch con. Are you specifically referring to people operating child sex rings? In either case, I don't think anyone else uses your ultra-specific definition. For myself, and I assume most others, pedophiles are merely a type of predator. For example, the show, to catch a predator, was about creeps sexting kids online. This is precisely what Beahm was doing so I don't think it's unreasonable to call him a predator.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • Very true. I've seen no info regarding the minor's age, which honestly is probably a good thing. The victim's identity should be protected.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • Twitch con was in California. And in the legal sense, almost an adult is a minor. So yes, this is a crime. And immoral. And worse than cheating. And yes, I'm ok with personally attacking pedos and those who defend them.

    Also a lot of those states use age-gap/romeo and Juliet laws. In most states it's illegal for a 38 year old man to solicit a minor.

    Raped at twitch con is better than raped in an alley? Jesus fucking Christ.

    I'm guessing libertarian and pedo, you probably don't actually give a shit about Beahm.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • So you agree that Beahm is a pedo? You replied to a person that does not think he is a pedo with "fair take". Maybe you replied to the wrong person.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • The country is America dumbass. Age of consent is 18 in America. She was a minor, he was trying to solicit her at twitchcon. If you want to go the legal angle, that is a crime.

    That's not societal definition, that's the clinical definition. But If you want to be pedantic, yes you are right. He's actually an ephebophile, which is still detestable and is still illegal, still immoral, and still very fucking creepy.

    Sexting a child is wrong. How is that hard for you to understand?

    Are you a Doc fan? Are you a pedo/ephebophile? Libertarian? What's going on here?

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • He admitted to sexting a minor. How the fuck is he not guilty and why are you out here trying to defend pedophilia?

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • No it's not. Beahm, a 38 year old man at the time, was sexting a minor. That makes him a pedo.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • It's called statutory rape. And he was married and 38 at the time. And he was also trying to meet this person at twitch con. And this is the same year of twitch con that he was caught cheating on his wife.

    No amount of spin makes this OK. Please stop trying to justify pedophilia in defense of your favorite streamer. Sexting a minor is not ok, and the fact that even Beahm himself couldn't spin this in a way that's good for him should tell you something.

  • Why in 2024 do people still believe in religion? (serious)
  • I'd be willing to bet humans also innately believe the earth is flat (in your day-to-day life it certainly doesn't look like we're on a spherical object hurling through space), but that doesn't make it so.

  • Hacker Accesses Internal ‘Tile’ Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops
  • I'm sure they do, likely have their own internal security team as well as contract security work out. The purpose of hiring hackers isn't to make the company unhackable, it's to make it harder, more time consuming and costly to hack the company.

  • We Remember Noam Chomsky, the Intellectual and Moral Giant
  • Science is that and so much more. Any imbecile can question the curvature of the earth. But if they aren't actually building a model, formulating a falsifiable hypothesis, testing that hypothesis with a reproducible experiment, and publishing their findings for peer review, then they're not doing science. That is pseudo-science and you are just a member of a cult.

  • We Remember Noam Chomsky, the Intellectual and Moral Giant
  • Fuck off with your antivax bullshit. Don't you have some new anti science to peddle?

  • Mexico's new president!
  • Not at all surprising to me. America is deeply reactionary. Made worse by the fact that our electoral system gives disproportionate representation to rural areas.

  • we love open source!!1!
  • It's cut off in Voyager for me as well.

  • Black samurai 😡
  • Okay, here is what is going on and why people are getting mad. A lot of people are getting sick of the pandering to other cultures that seems way out of place. They just want their games to be games without some political message or propaganda being pushed to them.

    When gamers complain about this shit, it's usually just dog whistling. These same gamers never complain about the political bias inherent in the call of duty franchise. They're doing the enlightened centrist thing where they pretend to hold a moderate position but are actually deeply reactionary.

    This is not the case with this AC game. The person actually exists and Ubisoft loves putting notable historical people in the ACU.

    Yeah exactly my point.

    Don’t automatically assume malice or racism

    Void of logic and reason, I can only assume their position does boil down to malice and racism. Or are you being charitable and assuming ignorance?

  • What do you think of the term "short king" as a term that's supposed to champion body positivity for men?
  • Literally quoting you lol.

    I'm old enough to remember "asl?". Why do you ask about my age, looking for an easy way to dismiss me?

    Out of curiosity, are you religious?

  • 2nd test

    2nd test, i will not be reporting this


    New Event: all of the bosses on all of the maps

    That's the rumor anyways. Comment to let me know if I'm wrong or anyone has additional info.


    PSA: blugatch instability

    So I upgraded Lemmy to v0.18.0. However, this version seems to be more unstable. Unfortunately, I fucked up and didn't backup the database so I can't revert to the previous version. Next time it happens, I'll try to hack together some automation to catch a crash and automatically recover. Hopefully this holds until the devs can push an actual fix.

    Escape from Tarkov Dr. Jenkem

    Statement from BSG regarding datamining

    So BSG is trying to kill ammo charts? We wouldn't have any way of knowing which ammo is effective without datamined information like that.