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Loblaw, George Weston to pay $500M for bread price-fixing scheme in record antitrust settlement
  • The class-action case was brought against a group of companies that includes Loblaw and the Weston companies, Metro, Walmart Canada, Giant Tiger, and Sobeys and its owner, Empire Co. Ltd

    Sorry, WHAT?! Weston also owns Sobeys and Walmart?! BREAKUP THIS MONOPOLY!!

    Edit: Can anyone confirm if this is accurate? I couldn't confirm it.

  • Art Recommendations

    Inspired by my mis-reading of a recent post title, I'd like to ask if anyone has strong recommendations for an artist who can capture my beautiful boy in paint? Canadian-based if possible?

    Disney, Netflix Ask Canadian Court to Kill Proposed 5% Revenue Tax
  • Yeah Netflix just kicked me off their service last month by completely discontinuing the service level I was willing to pay for, and then had the audacity to send me 4 follow up emails asking if I'd "changed my mind". I would still be subscribed to Netflix if it wasn't for (checks notes) Netflix.

    The days of Netflix valuing their customers are over. Welcome to enshittification.

  • Policy that forced patients to switch to cheaper medications saved B.C. $730-million, report says
  • Even accounting for exchange rates etc that is insane. With my numbers I'd be paying $78k annually just for my medication. Bitch I don't even earn that much in a year!

    Ecit: heh I'm pretty salty about this one I guess but pharmaceutical pricing for biologics is ridiculous, and I think its outrageous to push the burden onto people who are chronically sick. Fuck that.

  • Midnight At The Oasis by Maria Muldaur


    Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

    Super stoked to join the community! Hope this post is ok :)