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Can't see why not sovcit.
  • Write a letter to the CEO of the lien holding company. Using Scotch brand cellophane tape, affix a US quarter to the letter. Write your name in red ink at a 45 degree angle on the bottom third of the page. Include a Polaroid of your vehicle (I cannot emphasize this enough, it MUST be a Polaroid photo). That is all you need to do. If the CEO does not return your US quarter via registered mail, they only have 3 days to return your vehicle to you.

  • When you order “authentic” Mexican food in Iowa
  • Those are slices of American Cheese, which is a pasteurized processed cheese food. Not actual cheese.

    It makes a nostalgic grilled cheese but whatever is underneath in the pic, it doesn’t deserve that blanket.

  • What was your first operating system or Linux Distribution?
  • I had a Debian PC for a while, it was more of a project. IT work still revolved around Windows back then. Later I discovered Puppy Linux and ran that on a live USB. I encrypted the hard drive in my work laptop and never had to worry about anything making from the USB to my work data. Not a bad way to live, only had to carry around one laptop when I traveled for work.

  • How many ingredients does it take to call it a salad?

    My significant other ate cucumbers and onion with some ranch. I called it a cucumber onion salad. She says there aren't enough ingredients to call it a salad, because "it takes multiple ingredients". I pointed out she had three and asked what the minimum is. She refuses to answer so I ask Lemmy.