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Do they also sometimes split a book into two in your country?
  • Yes, it happens a lot. Maybe it is to generate more profit, but I also know, that books translated in German need 15-20% more space and pages than in English for example. The first book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" would have more than thousand pages in a paperback, so I understand, why they split each book in two parts.

  • What is the weirdest thing/incident you've witnessed?
  • I was hoping for a time machine or something... :<

  • What is the weirdest thing/incident you've witnessed?
  • The first thing that came into my mind was an incident that happened a few years back.

    And friend and I walked down a quite street that had many apartment buildings. Suddenly in one building, just at the entrance, there was a weird fight happening. One man stole the luggage from another man. They did not yell at each other, they did not hurt each other. They were only fighting for that black luggage. As soon as the thief was successful, he fled with the suitcase into a car and drove away. We asked the other man if he needs our help as witnesses and if we should call the police. But he kept weirdly calm about it. He said he knows the thief.

    I still wonder, what was in that suitcase and how this weird situation played out from the beginning.

  • DeR kLiMaWaNdEl ExIsTiErT nIcHt
  • Dazu möchte ich noch mal diesen nützlichen Link dalassen, den ich hier mal gefunden habe.

  • If You Were Asked to Recommend Just One Game, What Would It Be?
  • Dragon Age: Origins. BioWare has the talent to fill your heart with lovely characters and their stories until it overflows with joy and care, only to stab a knife into it to make you bleed. Beautifully painful. :)

  • What is the last movie you watched and how was it?
  • Massive Talent - I loved it!

  • Subscribed after today's headlines about Reddit's mods for this sub being booted.
  • Welcome! Here are many friendly people who are willing to make this community a cosy place. :>

  • Nein, Vergleich mit 1997 belegt nicht, dass die „Tagesschau“ Wetterkarten manipuliert
  • Was hätte man denn von der "Klimapanik"? Also, was glauben denn die Skeptiker des Klimawandels, was man damit bewirken möchte? Ich verstehe nicht, wie man da eine Verschwörung sehen kann.

  • r/steam (maliciously) complies with the call to open again
  • It makes me sad to see what happens on Reddit, but actions like this keep my hopes up. Not for Reddit itself, but for the community and its people, wherever it will be. :)

  • Connect A Song DesTeufelsAvocado

    Muse - The Small Print

    The Devil might be the priest God never paid.

    Gauging Interest in Hosting Rewatches on Here
  • I always wanted to join a rewatch, but on Reddit I always missed it. I only once organized a rewatch myself of the original Sailor Moon anime in a small German discussion board and it was so much fun, even though we were just three people. If something like this (with different series and movies of course) could happen here again, I would very happy! :>

  • Fühlt ihr euch europäisch?
  • Ja! Ich schätze es sehr, in Europa zu sein, ich liebe die Unterschiede ebenso wie die Gemeinsamkeiten. Und trotz einiger Schwierigkeiten gefällt es mir auch, Teil der EU zu sein.

  • You can play music in Tears of the Kingdom
  • ... together with poor koroks, while their buddies watch them helplessly.

  • Hey, you at the very left, may I have some toilet paper, please?
  • A great history lesson! :D

    To add something to your wonderful story: In Germany many toilets had (maybe still have?) a poop shelf, for similar reasons, as far as I know. I haven't seen them in ages, but I remember them when I was little.

  • Hey, you at the very left, may I have some toilet paper, please?
  • I found this in a small town in Germany, it was the public toilet of an event location, I think it was an old building. When the owner saw my irritated face he said: "Yeah, I know, we need to do something about this..."

  • Connect A Song - migrated for reddit
  • I never knew such a sub existed... This sounds amazing!!

  • Was will /c/DACH sein?
  • Die vielen Nachrichten haben mich immer davon abgehalten, etwas auf r/de zu schreiben, weil es mir das Gefühl gab, es muss genauso sinnvoll und informativ sein. Gleichzeitig sind einige Nachrichten natürlich auch wichtig und eh ein Gesprächsthema. Das ist jetzt verwirrend, mh? :x

  • You can play music in Tears of the Kingdom
  • People are so creative in this game, and then there is me, falling off my car-thingy, because I attached one wheel towards the wrong direction... Still it is so much fun! :)

  • What is the most WRONG thing a teacher, professor, or school book told you?
  • I don't know if this counts, but I do remember one teacher in the second grade told me, the way I write the number 4 would be wrong. I wrote it with the triangle, a closed tip, just as you see in most fonts. My teacher was unhappy about it and told me the tip of the 4 should be open. She forced me to write a whole sheet of paper at home with 4's just the way she writes it. I cried, it was unfair, and asked for support from my mother, but she shrugged and said: "If you teacher wants this, do it."

    I am still mad about this nonsense. Today I use to write my 4 just with the tip closed, stupid teacher.

  • Anyone here wanting to join a sub similar to a Reddit one, but it's not here and you don't want to make it because you don't wanna be in charge?
  • I really appreciate the work and contribution of everyone here, to make this a great place. :)