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Can I sell Perchance-generated AI images legally?
  • Not sure if you are in the US or not but just so you are aware, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will not issue a copyright to AI generated content. I don't know what the laws are outside the US, but other jurisdictions may be similar. The upshot of this is that while you may try to sell AI generated content, you will not be able to enforce any sort of copyright on it, at least within the US and possibly other countries. Many (those whose countries don't recognize copyrights on AI generated content) will be able to take what you post/sell and sell it or use it as their own without having to pay you anything.

  • CNN reports 20-year record low debate viewership
  • True. My comment was addressing the perception of Biden as portrayed by the major media outlets (they rarely ever mention that Trump is nearly the same age), but I concede that my comment could have been clearer in that regard.

  • CNN reports 20-year record low debate viewership
  • Yeah, it doesn't matter, at least for me. One candidate is old while the other is a 34 times convicted felon. The latter has made it clear he intends to dismantle the democratic institutions of our country and turn it into another fascist regime. At this point the DNC could platform a watermelon in a wig and I'd still vote for them over the convicted felon.

  • What's your biggest gamer achievement?
  • Thousands of hours in Skyrim and I've yet to kill a bunny once. To be clear, this is intentional. I wish no ill on the bunnies. Just happy that I've somehow managed to not kill one accidentally.

  • New player, grabbed flight sticks because I'm impulsive
  • How friendly are people in this game?

    It's a mixed bag, but most are reasonably friendly or at least not outright hostile.

    Is it actually common to receive help from other players like that?

    Depends on the request, but I'd say it's reasonably common.

    I know I’ve seen some players doing things like stowing away and robbing players, is that something that I need to worry about?

    Yes. Just take reasonable precautions and you should be OK. There will always be the potential to be ganked and/or robbed by other players. Just keep your wits about you and keep an eye out for players doing unusual things like following you in stations, loitering near ASOP terminals, hanging out near landing pads, etc. Also be cautious of players offering exorbitant payouts for medical beacons or using medical beacons excessively. It's a sign they may be trying to lure others into a trap. I generally recommend not equipping your character with something you don't really need for whatever mission/activity you are trying to do. Using mostly looted gear will at least mitigate any loss should you be robbed or just die as a result of a game bug and your body becomes unrecoverable, which in my experience is the more common occurrence.

    I know this game has had a very long development cycle, how often are major updates/wipes?

    There's usually major new build in the LIVE channel once a quarter, but it's not always on time. Also, they will sometimes extend a particular patch cycle if the changes in the build under development/testing is particularly complex and/or problematic such as was the case with the 3.18 build. FYI: Wipes aren't always full. The most recent LIVE build they wiped only currency (aUEC) and, of course, the non-permanent inventory items (medpens, ammo, sustenance items, etc.). Everything else including personal weapons, armor, ships, and components were carried over via Long Term Persistence (LTP).

    There's a 3.23.2 build coming soon-ish (hopefully) with some fairly significant updates, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do a partial wipe then again. But usually with .x patches they don't do full wipes. They just reset characters and your home location. Your inventory will retained via LTP as will be your money.

    There will almost certainly be a wipe with 4.0 planned for later this year. The extent of that wipe isn't known yet. CIG will usually announce before they release the build to LIVE, but it's going to be a big patch with lots of changes, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do a full wipe then.

  • New player, grabbed flight sticks because I'm impulsive
  • Welcome to the Verse! I can't give you much advice regarding how to secure your sticks considering that I've been flying with unmounted sticks in SC for over a decade now. That said, I can tell you that playing AC repetitively will burn out your hands and wrists much quicker than in the Persistent Universe (PU) given the much more repetitive nature of the AC maps. If you are like me then you will likely spend a lot more time in the PU doing other things than ship combat, like simply traveling between POIs as well as FPS combat, mining, salvaging, looting, etc. I do ship combat to be sure, but when it's interspersed with other things then I find it less taxing on my hands and wrists.

    I'd also encourage you to go ahead and jump into the PU and not worry too much about losing resources as this is still very much an Alpha game and it's very likely that your character will be reset in the PU with the next major update anyway. You can always buddy up with someone experienced in the PU by asking in chat or utilize the Guide System to locate one of the many, helpful volunteer guides. I would also recommend doing the tutorial if you haven't already, but if you didn't do it initially I don't think it will give you the option again until after the next wipe.

    The only tips I can give regarding combat is first to practice and second to make sure you are never flying in a straight line while in combat. Combat has changed in 3.23 with the introduction of Master Modes, so many of the resources I might suggested for reading/viewing are a bit out of date. Still, you might want to check out the Legacy Instructional Series. Again, some of the information is a bit dated in regards to the mechanics of things, but the core concepts they put forth for combat training still largely hold. There are also a number of resources listed on the official "Learn How to Play"( page on the RSI website, which you might want to check out.

    As for requesting a hangar, that can be done either using the comm's MFD in your ship, the comms app in your Mobi (port ATC is listed under Friends), or by mapping the request landing keybind (it may be already bound to hold N, but I can't say for sure right now as I have a custom mapping for that action [backslash]). The mapping can be found in the Options menu by clicking "KEYBINDINGS" -> "ADVANCED CONTROLS CUSTOMIZATIONS" -> "Flight Movements" -> "Request Landing".

    Again, welcome to the verse and I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience.

  • Warp Drive Breakthrough Could Enable Constant-Velocity Subluminal Travel, Physics Team Says
  • While the concepts outlined in the team’s new paper pave the way toward making travel through space nearing light speed a reality, constructing such an engine is likely something that will only be feasible far in the future, as the present state of technology would not allow for such a device.

  • Fabio and the Goose - Bobby Fingers

    Hilarious story of the making of a diorama showing the moment before a goose famously struck Fabio on a roller coaster

    10 Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.0 9171682 LIVE Patch Notes - Star Citizen Spectrum

    Star Citizen Alpha Patch 3.23.0 Alpha Patch 3.23.0 has now been released onto the LIVE Environment!  Patch should now show: VERSION 3.23.0-LIVE.9171682. It is strongly recommended that players...

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.23.0 9171682 LIVE Patch Notes - Star Citizen Spectrum
    Defense moves for mistrial over Daniels' testimony
  • As far as I'm aware nothing will stop them from trying to do that. It's up to the judge (or judges if it goes to an appeal) to decide whether their argument makes sense. While I'd hope that a competent judge will see their shenanigans for what it is, I have no doubt that someone has made that strategy work at some point.

    To be clear, I'm not a lawyer, so naturally don't take my word for it.

  • Defense moves for mistrial over Daniels' testimony
  • "I was surprised that there were not more objections," from the defense team he added. "At one point, the court ... objected, because there was no objection coming from the defense."

    Either they are bad lawyers or they were strategically withholding their objections in order to file the mistrial motion. I fully expect this to be brought up again in an appeal, assuming Trump loses the case.

  • MotD: Live Update Delayed for a Few Days
  • Just as well. It's still pretty buggy.

    FYI: STARC-52845 - "Getting error 30031 when flying to CRU-L1"

    Note that the IC is being particularly buggy this morning, so don't be surprised if you get an error. That URL was generating a 404 for me earlier when they first posted that MOTD update. Seems to be working now though.

  • The Island of Violent Basketball | Rare Earth

    Another video recorded on the island of Ebeye in the Marshal Islands. This video is on the topic of the islander's affection for Basketball. In this video Evan is asking for people to send any surplus basketball related gear to the island for the benefit for the children. Details in the video and description.


    I Overheard a Secret Chinese Meeting in Micronesia on Vacation - Rare Earth

    Interesting video discussing geopolitics and the art of amateur espionage