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Unhinged Republican candidate calls Kamala Harris a "little wh*re" as GOP descends into misogyny
  • I hear you and want to believe this too, but I am forever surprised at how much pro Trumpers are willing to ignore and just how many of them there are. His base will cheer him on and the rest will make excuses or turn a blind eye.

    I hope I'm wrong

  • :-O
  • I was actually thinking of the person in the crowd but yeah, gunman too. At the same time, if it were a setup, "killing" the gun man would be the move since there would be no one to investigate, right? But an innocent bystander killed?

  • :-O
  • I wanna agree, especially with how performative the fist pump is, but at the same time, someone did die, right? That's the part that makes me lean towards this as a real assassination attempt. But maybe it was an accepted cost of doing this?

    I dunno, at this point I think I just need to take a break from news communities and wait for real investigations, I'm losing my mind with the speculations

  • Anon plays Persona
  • You joke but we've literally gone to Comiket together and compared hauls after, conventions and stuff were a big part of how we got to know each other (get yourself a partner with similar interests!). I forget exactly what we got but I know we both had questionable stuff with school uniform wearing characters. We were in our 20s so didn't feel as creepy, but same issue as I mentioned before, a lot of good stuff is made around young people, but I'd love more good media with actual adults as leads.

  • Anon plays Persona
  • My wife and I both like anime content, but yeah, the high school stuff has been making me uncomfortable on some level for quite a while to the point where I don't talk about anything anime related with people unless I KNOW their into it already.

    I really want more good stories told with older characters. For romance stuff there's a lot of good office worker stuff like Sweat and Soap, Wotakoi. Action stuff is getting away from teenagers more with Kaiju no. 8 and Sakamoto days. But yeah, so much stuff is written for and therefore about teenagers and kids and it's making us older weebs feel left out and creepy IMO... I get that "coming of age" is an important universal theme but still

  • How do you better tolerate caffeine?
  • If I've been feeling the effects of coffee I switch to teas for a few days. But I much prefer coffee so I end up switching back once I gel better. So maybe change up your caffeine medium of you're having issues?

  • This smiling robot face made of living skin is absolute nightmare fuel
  • That was my first thought too; would this improve treatment for serious burn victims and such. Sounds like what they've made is better overall for sticking to applied surfaces and moving without tearing. Heck, maybe this could even lead to prosthetics that allow physical sensation

  • ME REX - Megabear Live From London - YouTube
  • Cool! I only know these guys for making the opening for the "Quick Questions" podcast, which I already thought was way more incredible than a podcast into song has a right to be. Now I really need to look into more of their stuff.

  • Netanyahu backtracks, says he remains committed to US-endorsed ceasefire deal in Gaza
  • I imagine this is the kind of sentiment that really scares the Israeli government and probably the people of Israel. Most people didn't really care before but now everyone has an opinion on Israel and it's generally not good. Potential political isolation aside, the social isolation's gonna be a big problem for them too.

  • A cool guide for red flags during job interviews.
  • Exactly! Any good interview I've had also involved asking me about my expectations. The job I ended up accepting (but haven't started yet) won me over with that as well as actually talking about work life boundaries

  • A cool guide for red flags during job interviews.
  • Almost had one of those multi hour rounds of interviews and assessments while looking for a better job. I'm well qualified in my field and already had a few options when this particular company reached out. I agreed to an interview and they sent me multiple insanely long forms which already had my radar going.

    Then I log into the virtual interview and there's multiple applicants. Weird again. Interviewer says we need to wait for other applicants, takes more than half an hour... Waste of my time but I had set aside an hour in my schedule for this, annoying but acceptable. THEN the interviewer says to be ready for this to take up to 4 hours and that we will be doing live, digital assessments. I logged out without saying anything.

    The company reached out to me later saying I was a top candidate based on my CV and wanted me to do the full interview on another day. I should have been up front and told them their process was fucking insane but instead I just told them I was no longer interested in the position.

  • Girl, 15, speaks out after classmate made deepfake nudes of her and posted online
  • A friend in high school made nude drawings of another mutual friend. It was weird he showed me but he was generally an artsy guy and I knew he was REALLY into this girl and it was kind of in the context of showing he his art work. I reconnected with the girl years later and talked about this and while she said it was weird she didn't really think much of it. Rather, the creepy part to her was that he showed people.

    I don't think we can stop horny teens from making horny content about their classmates, heck, I know multiple girls who wrote erotic stories featuring classmates. The sharing (and realism) is what turns the creepy but kind of understandable teenage behavior into something we need to deal with

  • Books DashboTreeFrog

    Modern version of "Amusing Ourselves to Death"?

    Any recommendations for something like "Amusing Ourselves to Death" but written after the internet became mainstream?

    Something recently had me thinking about the book "Amusing Ourselves to Death" that made me want to give it a re-read, and as relevant as the main ideas still are for today, I wondered if there is a more recent book that is just as well received on the topic of society's addiction to amusement.


    I just found this amazing crempost of a video and I needed to share it

    I can't stop laughing but I also have no friends who read Stormlight to share this with 😭


    What game do you play to just chill?

    Nowadays I find a lot of games feel like too much work and/or anxiety when I just want to relax for like, 30 minutes to an hour after a long day. On the other hand, the games specifically designed to help you unwind just feel boring imo.

    In the past I've felt like Outer Wilds scratched this itch, cause the whole experience was engaging but generally relaxed. There was a mystery that kept me hooked and the exploration and movement was fun in and of itself. I also felt like Subnautica filled this role since it was very much at my own pace, with anxiety producing portions which could for the most part be avoided or minimized, and also there was a clear objective to fulfill, get off the planet.

    So what games do you play when you just wanna relax?


    Good Linux note taking app with stylus support for hand writing?

    Complete Linux noob so apologies if anything I say or ask about sounds dumb.

    I want to start making the switch to Linux and I've got most things figured out I think. I plan on putting either Mint or Fedora on my old Surface Go gen 1 because it's not critical for my work and potentially losing some functionality there won't cause huge issues, but my main use of it right now is taking notes on Onenote that I can then view and edit from my other devices as well.

    Looking into Onenote and alternatives on Linux, I keep running into comments about the lack of handwriting support or no straightforward answers about stylus support. Anything Lemmy recommends I try? Also, any advice on running Linux on the Surface Go in general is welcome. Found some resources already but doesn't seem like people do this often.