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The Elevator of Nightmares
  • where's the good ol':

    Do NOT use elevators in EMERGENCY!

    common sense?

  • City Street Orientation Visualization
  • by this charlotte looks more similar to naturally grown old world citys.

  • Real
  • He's predominately Apple product repair guy, but he's also right to repair advocate.

    And he likes to rant about brands that are generally against consumer rights (and common sense).

  • Real
  • he's involved in right to repair and has youtube channel where hem mostly talks about how brands try to avoid questions on repairability and sustainability

  • Real
  • citing Rossmann?

  • This guy was chilling in the middle of road.
  • Or got dumb luck and found real spicy spiky potato next to road

  • This guy was chilling in the middle of road.
  • HOW?! My prize was three-four weeks of once a week wisit to Infectious Diseases Ward and 7 shots total

  • The forgotten medieval fruit with a vulgar name
  • We call it mušmula, and it's not forgotten.

    My grandparent have one in back garden, it's sweet and quite mushy with quite large hard seeds.

  • how tall do you think i am?
  • 22x7+22x1+10=186cm

  • Missing cold pizza
  • ooh, thanks

    though I' curious, making dessert/dinner be most expensive category is unusual

  • Missing cold pizza
  • Eggs, hash browns, biscuits (if they are with squeezed pork greives, otherwise english muffin), espresso, espresso, espresso, espresso, espresso aaaand espresso.

    That 15$, right?

  • Too many to count :(
  • dobar podsjetnik, Grdi iz doba duo pegle

  • Do you still have a pay phone in your city or town?
  • there is one right across my building, and I saw someone using it maybe a couple months ago.

    it was such weird reminder of childhood and buying minutecards on vacations.

  • Meet my new puppy: Ass!
  • ox heart

    Tap for spoiler


  • one unsee juice, please.
  • bulls do but no udders for them

  • Peculiar structures in UAE
  • a comparison of salt harvesting site:

    solana Pag

  • Cancel/Discard process
  • or confirmation pop-up could write: confirm/cancel, maybe?

  • I find your lack of sauce disturbing
  • oh, I agree, those pasta dishes are quick and easy, keeping pesto, tomato sauce or even frozen cheeze as rainyday reserve can go long way for quick and dirty recipe.

  • I find your lack of sauce disturbing
  • at least there is evidence of onions, so they could've made onion sauce.

    If they didn't have any other vegetable, condiment

  • In This European City, Rolling Suitcases Are Now Banned
  • Old city is pedestrian zone, so only vehicles with special permit are allowed.

  • European Citizens' Initiative Find initiative | European Citizens' Initiative

    View all the initiatives that have already been registered by the European Commission.


    Više informacija na:

    What's this Bug? DampCanary

    Moth identification verification(EU, Croatia)


    Comparing to I think I identified this moth to be of macdunnoughia confusa:

    For sanity I wanted to do a double check if I'm right, so lemmings please help with verification of this moth from central Croatia, Europe.



    r/ChipCommunity ChipCommunity • r/ChipCommunity

    This is the home of the community centered around the C.H.I.P. single-board computer made by Next Thing Co.

    What's this Bug? DampCanary

    What kind of moth is this - Eastern Croatia

    Location: Europe, Croatia, Slavonija

    It has nice black and white spotted wings and black abdomen with two yellow stripes at begining and about three quaters of length.

    I would guess this a sort of moth, but could not find corresponding sort on

    Any information is much appreciated.


    YSK: Googling for terms on all lemmy domains

    Why YSK: Searching topcs on reddit was simple matter of entering desired term and prepending or appending keyword reddit. With lemmy's decentralised structure finding particular topic without knowing to which, or rather if even there is community dealing with such topic(s) can be a headache inducing hurdle. So appending simple:

    site: lemmy.*


    to Your google search feature can ease up search.


    to avoid certain domains You can use e.g.:


    @edit: removed spaces thank You @[email protected]