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China’s military has been simulating attacks on US jets, satellite images show
  • Articles like this puzzle me. Who are they targeting for this fear? What do you think the US simulates when it shoots? It's own planes? Come on, bro, neither one of these fights is your dog, and I say that as a person born and raised in America. I don't want to fight and kill a Chinese person. I have no beef with them, just the decisions a few folks in their government are making. I'm certain the same is true on their side, so I hope you too see these articles and remember that.

  • No, that's not...
  • These are excellent points, and since you are all such fine humans, I'm gonna go ahead and make a bold claim that she captures the pure joy that can be felt in similar fashion to Robin Williams as Mork. Completely silly, but completely genuine and more human and relatable because of it.

  • " learn how to love, and forget how to hate"
  • That song is a goddamn banger, and I told my friend that when he's murderlizing as his mage, that's what I picture in my head; spells blasting left and right and the driving riff of that song just blaring. Absolute madman.