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  • The punchline goes a bit further than just imprisonment, see the Stanford Prison Experiment

  • Oops!
  • How could our beloved leader engage in war crimes if we do not see war as a crime?

    Checkmate, Westerners.

  • Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • Our citizens pay taxes out of pure love and devotion to our Dear Leader. We don't have room for your silly Western moralities.

  • Lefty Nemesis
  • This is fake Western news.

    The lights illuminating the statues of our Dear Leader shine 24 hours a day.

  • I'm new
  • People view North Korea with contempt? Who would do such a thing?

    No, seriously, we'd love to know so we can send them to a reeducation camp change their mind.

  • This cannot be unseen.
  • Quiet, fool. Let it be known that no country is more democratic than the DPRK.

    It's merely a coincidence our Dear Leader received 100% of the votes.

  • People's Republic of LGBT Rights
  • Those are photoshopped images from untrustworthy western media; do not trust them. Homes in North Korea shine as bright as our love for our esteemed leader.

  • Kim's sister denies North Korea has supplied weapons to Russia
  • Please stop sharing lies.

    The highly esteemed Kim family does not require food, so your point is entirely redundant.

  • North Korea-linked IT workers infiltrated hundreds of US firms
  • Not true. North Korean IT workers are the best in the world and are highly respected. They would never pretend to be silly American workers; they are far too busy working for our nation's blooming IT industry.

  • guess that's entertaining?
  • 1800s? Public executions are a treasured pastime in my country.

  • So proud of kim rule
  • There is only one size in Best Korea. It's derived from our Dear Leader's own measurements and called "Medium".

    There will be no questions.