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Murphy being Murphy
  • Hey cut him some slack. He just wanted to be a father really bad. Often male eagles will assist in taking turns brooding the eggs with the mothers and many other parental duties

  • The Internet is weird
  • Probably none of that, since a ring is made for a finger. It probably magically detects if it has made contact with one. Now, if the question was what if it was put on a severed finger, then that is something to think about

  • Conan Explains What Happened To His Body After “Hot Ones” | Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend
  • That's a good observation. Admittedly, I thought that episode was funny and memorable but retrospectively, I do agree that he de-railed the whole interview format and that is ashame. Especially since Conan even said that Sean is a great interviewer

  • Ahead of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 the first medieval RPG is 80% on Steam
  • I remember playing the first one when it was just available for early access and the gameplay was understandably rough. I played a little bit and then forgotten about until last year when there were some buzz about it again. I brushed off the dust and got to experience such an immersive medieval world. 10/10 in my book

  • To act like a caring girlfriend
  • That was painful to watch. I usually try to keep an open mind with these clips as we don't have much context to go on but whether or not this was staged, it was really toxic and sad to see

  • Cryptid comparison
  • Obviously this is all for the meme and I agree with you that Europe has a lot of famous myths and folklore but you are daft if you think North America only has Big Foot/Sasquatch before creepypasta. Let me name a few for you: Jersey Devil, Wendigo, Mothman, UFO aliens, Flatwoods Monster, Skinwalker. Almost every state in the US has a cryptid. We got the Native American folklore to derive from. Not even including Mexico's vast folklore and cryptids.

  • A missed opportunity with Astarion

    I feel like an oversight or a missed opportunity regarding Astarion was that he couldn't perform Vampire Bite on Cazador during the Ascension ritual fight. Like I understand that you can't use it on undead but with the trouble that the game established with Astarion explaining how a vampire spawn can turn into a true vampire, you would think that biting Cazador would be an exception. I think it would've been a great and ironic twist for Astarion to be able to become his own master that way as well. But oh well, I'm guessing it would've lessen the impact of certain outcomes to Astarion's questline.