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Anon makes popcorn
  • Put microwave on highest setting Place your bag in and start popping, put more time than you're gonna need cause we stop it manually Heres the secret, as soon as you can count three seconds between kernels popping, stop that thang. perfect popcorn everytime

  • Do any of you meditate?
  • Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

    Breathe in, then breathe out.

    Focus on your breathing.

    In, and out.

    Eventually your mind will wander somewhere else, that is normal and expected. Just bring it back to focusing on breathing.

    In and out again.

    Feel the air as it fills your lungs, feel what it is like to hold it in, and concentrate on what you feel as you let it out.

    You're basically just training your mind to focus on one thing and to be mindful.

    Rince repeat as much as you like, I enjoy putting on a timer for 10 minutes, but really you do as you feel is good for you.

    The most important thing to know is that there is no being "good" at meditating or not getting "it", you're either meditating or not meditating.

    Thats a great and easy way to get started in my opinion.

  • Cleopatra (1917) - Newly Discovered Footage
  • Thats really cool. Quite a thought to realise that something that once was made to such a massive scale has now been forgotten for a hundred years, with bribes of it now being available again only to be seen by a handful of people, soon to be forgotten once more.

  • A tractor

    Minolta X-9 shot on Kentmere 400D