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  • And products that "remove" it replace it with glucose-fructose, or sometimes even pure fructose, which hilariously shows both that companies don't give a fuck, AND consumers are really stupid on average.

  • Loyalty
  • THAT is absolutely the same "point" I made when I first saw it?!!

    Ok, so, the person was bad to show, I guess, but now it's an even better analogy to what the settlers did...

  • Custom Linux-powered Smart TV breaks free from ads and tracking, enables ultimate customizability — EarlGreyTV straps a laptop to the back to unlock unlimited control
  • It was several years ago for me, before I "used Linux", and was just a copy-paste user of Kodi and pi-hole.

    anyway - my experience was similar, Kodi just wasn't worth it. I'm sure "it was the user" but either way, I stopped. Meanwhile the pi-hole is still going strong. And now all of our PCs are linux, so it's not from my inability to learn.

  • Rules Recovered From The Floyd Riots
  • In this context, "liberals" is more generalizing capitalism-apologists. This is not "democrats vs republicans" type of liberals. This context is more used by communists/tankies/true-lefties.

    full disclosure, I am also posting my general understanding - I am basic.

    edit: also, sure are a lot of "serious" comments in this 196 rule posting. Pretty sure "rule" was not meant for intelligent debate.

  • AMD vs Intel: Which CPUs Are Better in 2024?
  • OP title says "Winner:AMD" ?

    back from the article: looks like Toms HW gives a winner per section and it goes back and forth. Matching/winning gaming with less power, I personally agree with OP title that it's AMD. But article goes into a whole bunch of sections.