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Biden’s ads haven’t been working. Now, he’s trying something new.
  • I didn't realize Joe Biden was the Prime Minister of Israel

  • civil rights history
  • We typically don't. The conservative synagogues in my hometown were really concerned about the Darfur genocide; hosting fundraisers and awareness campaigns. They all had signs out front that said "Never Darfur" but when it comes to Palestinians, the Boomers are just SO rabid.

    You're right; the Jewish community should do better and all the American Jews who send money and make major political donations should demand more, especially given our history.

  • Philadelphia’s University of the Arts Announces Sudden Closing
  • I'm a Museum Studies grad. Most Museum Studies programs are curatorial in nature - collections management, education curricula, label writing etc. Those programs are typically second Master's degrees; you go get a PhD in something to become a content specialist, then get a Museum Studies degree to move into being a curator. UArts was so unique because it was focused on exhibition design regardless of content. We were not content specialists and it made us great because we didn't have a PhD to turn into boring-as-shit exhibit labels; we designed interactive exhibits, did a lot of our own graphic design and fabrication, and focused on visitor experiences first, second, and last. It was the only program for dorks who love museums and want everyone else to love them too, instead of an afterthought or vanity project to add to your resume.

    Plus I made some of my best friends of my life there.

  • Philadelphia’s University of the Arts Announces Sudden Closing
  • I got a master's degree at UArts over 10 years ago. It was such a unique program, I'm not sure any other school offers it (certainly not one like it) and I'm sure a lot of students that are being promised "seamless" transitions to local universities will find they have nowhere to go.

    I loved my time at UArts. Such a shame.

  • What kind of jelly do you use for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
  • Traffic Jam.

    It's got a bunch of different berries and rhubarb sometimes. Slovacacek's on I35 outside Waco makes the best.

  • Who are your favourite villains from mythology?
  • Clytemnestra. Agamemnon sacrificed their daughter, disappeared to war for 10 years, shows back up with a sex slave and is just revered as a hero. Fuck that guy. I'm glad she killed him. He deserved it.

  • Vladimir Putin set to transfer Sergei Shoigu from Russian defence ministry
  • He's actually been around since the Soviet Union. He perfected the art of invisible paper pushing.

  • If you take care of your parents or other elderly, how are you preparing to age gracefully?
  • I'm moving into a retirement community. Get in there early enough and they have to take care of you until you die. But before that point, retirement communities are like dorms without having to worry about grades or getting pregnant. Lotta syphilis, though, I hear.

  • Trump attacks judge on Truth Social moments after gag order hearing
  • You don't think he's spending any of that on his campaign or legal fees, do you? That's his money.

  • Trump attacks judge on Truth Social moments after gag order hearing
  • His fundraising is going historically terrible right now.

  • Trump attacks judge on Truth Social moments after gag order hearing
  • I've seen lots of speculation that Trumbo is trying to get himself thrown in jail for the publicity of it all. It would result in a huge fundraising boost and conservative outrage, even if just for a short while, and no one wants to give him the satisfaction.

  • Tabloid CEO Says He Killed Negative Stories on Trump Affairs
  • It's this. He testified today, and earlier against Cohen, in exchange for immunity for crimes that he willfully and knowingly committed.

  • Tomato pesto with cashew cream drizzle that I later dropped all over the carpet at work
  • Booo it looks amazing. Do you have a recipe, and does it taste good cold? Seems like it would taste good fresh outta the fridge.

  • Explosive device thrown onto porch of Satanic Temple in Massachusetts. No injuries were reported
  • The Old Testament is the Hebrew Bible. The New Testament is the book where Jesus says, "f those first five books. Turn the other cheek."

  • My view of totality
  • I'm in hill country. We had enough break in the clouds not to miss anything!

  • Paris Mayor Says Russian, Belarusian Athletes 'Not Welcome' At Olympics
  • Like I said, it's about viewership, and the UK brings very little of that compared to the US, Russia, and China.

    If you really cared to see the best, you'd know who Simone Biles is. Everyone tunes in to see their guys win.

  • Upgrade, please
  • Yeah, Vincent had just as many no-hands bagel days as he did Starry Night days. If not way more.

  • Paris Mayor Says Russian, Belarusian Athletes 'Not Welcome' At Olympics
  • The competition between USA, Russia, and China is what gets people to tune in, really. With anyone of those countries not participating, viewership tanks, is my guess.

    There's also the whole thing about eschewing politics. Traditionally wars were paused for the Olympics, but I'm pretty sure that's irrelevant today, especially when the US led a boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and then Russia boycotted the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. It's really about viewership.

    Oh and the IOC is notoriously corrupt. If Russia pays to participate, the IOC will find every which way to let them, no matter how badly they cheat and genocide, same with the US and China.

  • Are mass layoffs and hiring become a trend today in big corp world ?
  • A lot of it also has to do with the pandemic. Tech companies got seriously bloated during the pandemic and now that people are spending money on in person experiences instead of virtual ones, the industry is contracting back to normal.

  • Paris mayor says Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be welcome in Paris during Olympics
  • Good. They shouldn't have been able to since the doping scandal.

  • Vanity license plates Countess425

    The Iliad and the Odyssey


    Queen of the Jungle lording over her domain

    Just out of frame is a monstera I'm pretty proud of (my husband got one at the same time as me, and mine has exploded. His has...not died).


    My favorite manicure ever!

    I got this manicure done back in May 2021 for my SIL's wedding. I feel like this is a picture of my soul. 💗💗

    Nails done by Tia at Cute Nail Studio in Austin, TX.