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I want to get off America's wild ride
  • Sigh.

    Gets on the ride again

  • I created a light DNS page for me.
  • We should make a server that has a database of all these numbers and let's you do lookup queries in real time. And we could make that process part of the protocol stack that every device uses.

    I think you just invented DNS DNS, or Meta-DNS, MDNS? 🤣

  • 70%
  • That is the MUCH better question everyone should be talking about, not arguing over Biden. We're here, Biden is our only option, accept that and let's talk about 4 years from now and start the movement for that now, not at the last minute.

    I think making sure more people vote in their local elections, raising awareness of the actual POLICIES and the actual VOTING records of the candidates. Cut past all the talk and lies and BS. Help people look at what bills are out there and who is voting for what and vote for their desired candidates from that. Also getting more people to the primary votes. If we wanted Biden out then the primary vote was the time to do that, we could have flooded the polls for someone else back then. We could also have some campaigns or petitions or whatever to make known how people feel about issues and hopefully drive some change that way.

    I am so tired of hearing people online like "I did nothing for 4 years and I'm mad at Biden for a genocide being done by another country on the other side of the planet so I'm not gonna vote for him now and I don't care if that lets Trump win, it's Biden's fault."

    That is insane logic.

  • 70%
  • Yeah, but for some reason a lot of people also don't want other people to benefit more than them, even if that person has a lot less than them. It's wild. Something, something, bootstraps.

  • 70%
  • They are both right wing parties and both entrenched in capitalism and corporations and donation money.

    The OP is true because more people are in the middle like a bell curve and the D is slightly right, while R is far right. So the more people you add the more likely they are to vote D.

  • Trump lied and Biden got tongue tied at the first debate. So why is the world only focusing on one?
  • I agree with you all the way up to voting 3rd party.

    It has never worked out how everyone thinks it will. Why would this time be different?

    We have first past the post here. Meaning first across the finish line. And 2 candidates are neck and neck a few steps from it. You can vote for one of them to pull into the lead a bit OR you can vote for a person still standing at the starting line that has no hope to ever win.

    It's wild to me that people don't see that. It's about keeping Trump from winning and ACCELERATING THE GAZA GENOCIDE!!!! There just simply isn't the momentum to elect a 3rd party right now this cycle so close to the end. You have to start that momentum and push WAYYY sooner and be competitive and stay close to the lead or it is over for you.

    Voting 3rd party now is like sticking your head in the sand and ignoring reality.

    I completely understand that neither main candidate is perfect.

    If Trump wins, but your vote could have helped Biden win, how will your conscience handle that? Knowing you could have at least stopped Trump, but didn't? Is feeling good about your vote going to outweigh the reality if Trump wins?

    It's like refusing to put out a fire with dirty water so you let the whole building burn down. Let's use the dirty water and stop the fire and THEN clean up the muddy mess from it.

  • How many goddamn wars over this do we need
  • (Holding a pitchfork). Yeah! Well sorta.

  • How many goddamn wars over this do we need
  • Pings for democracy!

  • How many goddamn wars over this do we need
  • I've used both an M1 and a 1911 .45. Both are absolute perfection, but the M1 makes the ping sound. It wins.

  • How many goddamn wars over this do we need
  • If only we had some technology that could throw bits of hard things really fast from a good distance away. Science may never know if it is possible.

  • More confusion for recruiters
  • PythonSharp Script Java Edition

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • Either none of it is stealing or all of it is.

  • Progress: the Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas, spans across 26 lanes making it the worlds widest. The freeway is broken down in to 12 main lanes (six in each direction), eight feeder lanes.
  • I'm not taking sides really, but I just want to point out that the US very much DOES still do shit to bipoc communities regarding infrastructure and construction and housing.

    They will run a new highway right through a neighborhood. And sure, they offer to buy up the land first usually, so that's nice I guess, but they don't pay well for it and if you don't move they just take it anyway. Rail lines run through lower income areas. Highways too. There are "easements" and "imminent domain" legal fuckery that they use against bipoc people mostly too. If it's a rich neighborhood they go around, if it's poor people tough luck to them.

    Residential can also get rezoned to commercial and force everyone out.

    There are LOTS of legal and quasi legal things that are done all the time here. But even the legal ones are often ethically/morally wrong.

    So there's that.

  • AI art steals from the poor and has no place in modern society
  • If the AI isn't stealing content, then piracy isn't stealing either.

  • Part of this complete breakfast!
  • It's hard to make though. You have to harvest Iridium quality Wheat and mine for Iridium bars and then build the Advanced Cereal Irradiator on your farm to craft it.

    It's hard to do until year 2.

  • Context
  • Not to mention that MOST of the problems they are bitching at Biden for not fixing were caused by them in the first place and then they blocked Biden from any efforts to fix it.

    They set the fire, slash the firetruck's tires and then have the audacity to blame the firefighters for not putting it out.

    I don't love Biden, but damn, he is trying to do some good things and being blocked at every turn.

  • Context
  • Oh 100%

    Manchin and Cinema are Dem in name only, their actions are GOP at every turn.

    Don't forget, 3 of the 5 SCOTUS were appointed by Trump, so everything happening with them now is from that and Biden doesn't have power to stop that.

    And either way, both Dem and GOP are Right Wing parties and their goals are more or less to maintain the status quo, benefit corporations and elites, keep power, etc.

    Neither party has interests or incentives to truly progress things that benefit people, except in maybe a scrap or two to get votes.

    We don't really have a government by the people and FOR the people right now. If we did we would have Ranked Choice Voting, no more Electoral College BS, no more Gerrymandering, Voting Day would be a federal holiday, mail in ballots would be universal and accepted, etc etc etc.

  • Context
  • And the reason for all of that is the GOP blocking or sabotaging every single effort to improve things, and then blaming the Dems, and it convinced a LOT of people.

  • This is high key her fault...
  • Spoiler: Both are Right Wing parties, so they represent the establishment, not the people or progressive ideals.

    We need Ranked Choice Voting so we can vote our conscience and ideals and stop being forced into a lose-lose situation every election.