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This is a little believable...
  • Sorry guys, could you do less sex scenes pls? Everytime i watch a movie, I'd like to have empathetic connection with the characters, and since I'm using arch btw, all the aformentioned scenes ruin all the immersion for me :(

  • Mmmm Chicker Nugger
  • making food into a "marketable shape" so it will encourage your target audience to make an immature purchase. Immature purchases because of the product look (that being of the product your audience does not even consume lol) and not its let's say more essential properties is not a sign of high intellect per say.

    making food into a shape that suggests certain ways of cooking implies your audience does not know how to cook fucking feta cheese or whatever your product is and that they can't read whats written on your product's label / google some recipes.

    fucking genious

    I mean, i'm not vegan, but if i were one i would refrain from bying the ultraprocessed food that made of one thing but trying to visually resemble another. Most of all the ultraprocessed part here is what will push me away of course, especially that afaik some extent of vegans chose to be one because meat is not eco friendly.

  • 'Your Name' Movie Producer Confesses To Have Paid Over 20 Underage Girls For Sexual Favors - Animehunch
  • i'm being a jerk towards you because you're being a jerk towards random people who do not deserve this. I don't care if you will do my request as the moment when i was angry at your jerkish behaviour has long passed, but you will continue to passively be a jerk towards everyone who never read the book but would've liked to. It's kinda funny if you think about it.

    Also, i'm making fun of you because your opinion is immature and dumb and i even said why. If the only thing you caught from my message are insults and belittling then you completely deserve it as your inability to separate emotional and rational parts of a message makes your perception as biased as it could be, therefore making you an idiot. Its ok to be emotional, but anyone should know when emotions should be ignored.

    And i'm not gonna lie, i enjoy telling idiots that they are idiots. This is my little guilty pleasure. You can call me whatever you want for this.

  • Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile
  • there's a lot to optimize in LLMs and i never said otherwise. Though, photonic computers if the field would be researched, could consume as much as an LED lamp making it even more effective than our brain. given the total amount of computers in the world, even the slightest power consumption optimization would save colossal amount of energy, and in case of photonics the raw numbers could possibly be unimagineable.

    Regarding research...

    I bet they simply will find a way to greatly simplify the mathematical apparatus of the neuron interaction. Matrix multiplication is kinda slow and there's lots of it

  • Mmmm Chicker Nugger
  • mushrooms for the win. But i kinda never understood this thing with copying meat food with substitutes. I mean if i'd want to have a meal with the flavour as artificial as it could be, i'd rather buy a pack of chips. In most cases it would also cost less.

  • Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile
  • under the "reinventing computers" i mean chosing another information transfering entity for our processing units. For instance, photonics is a perspective field, as photons are much smaller, thus potentially we could make even smaller logical elements also as they produce much less heat.

    What's about ML architechture, of course it won't be the tech bros, of course it would be scientists, but don't forget that untill someone sponsors them, the research could take literal decades before there will be discovered anything revolutional. Scientists are not some kind of gurus who live in moutains and fed by the energy of the sun. In order to make a living they have jobs besides scientific research. That's why grants and other research funding methods do exist. And as you could've guessed, these are greatly dependant on guys with money and their interest in said researchi.