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Justice Alito's Upside-Down Flag Claim Dismantled by Police, Neighbors: Report
  • I'm sorry you had to go through that, one of my experiences with them is getting hit by a car while cycling breaking some important bones, they showed up and gave me a business card to call them while I was laying on the ground bleeding from everywhere offering no help other than asking if I could walk to the hospital several blocks away. The EMTs chased them away thankfully. Then 8 months later they finally finished typing their whole one paragraph "police report" for my insurance claim, getting every detail wrong. A random shooter guy shot at me and missed this past November while I was out in my neighborhood walking my dog, in a different City, I found his name and all details about him to give the police. They still haven't arrested him because he didn't actually hit me while shooting at my head and can't be bothered to "do their jobs"

  • Justice Alito's Upside-Down Flag Claim Dismantled by Police, Neighbors: Report
  • The Some More News podcast is doing a week of reporting on police training, misconduct/murder, and specifically "How they're trained to kill you in your homes"- episode title. I'll be following it and start to look at the topic myself since it's an area I know nothing about but massively affects everyone. Other than experiencing the disgusting nature of dealing with cops and navigating the legal system with and against them, I don't know how they function as a national system or how departments work. There is so much pro police or detective propaganda on TV and everywhere that the lines have become blurred on the reality of their actual jobs and role in society.

  • An 81-Year-Old ‘Serial Slingshot Shooter’ Is Arrested After Decade of Mischief
  • I found this local PD post on Instagram about it, lots of his neighbors are in the comment section, seems like most knew it was him doing it and one person said King shot his dog in front of him and he had a video of it happening. There are maybe 10 houses on that small residential block so it couldn't have been that much of a mystery to take 10 years

    Instagram post

    His secret slingshot bunker

  • Another US state repeals law that protected ISPs from municipal competition
  • They wanted 26,000$ to extend the Cable line 1000feet, from the end of their line, from our neighbors house to ours. This was in a rural town in NY that was supposed to get 100% access to spectrum (only other option is phone line Frontier). The state gave them a ridiculous amount of money to do this, and nope can't be bothered. It's 2024 we still have the same phone line Internet there that we had in 1998...

  • In 'Abandonment of Public Education,' Louisiana to Allow Tax Dollars to Pay for Private Schools
  • I want everyone to know the pain of seeing young black kids playing on our shitty little blacktop court yard with two broken ass courts like a fucking prison yard. And them being stuck behind that fence watching white kids run track, play football, soccer, just having a field. Before Katrina the two schools were a public middle and highschool that shared a sports field in-between them. Then the rightwing and left and everyone of them ghouls took advantage of a city crying for help and they murdered it. Fuck anyone that says a charter, private, or religious organization should take the place of our public schools, and get public funding. Instead of ranting I'm gonna type RANT🤬😤😠😥😮‍💨😢😞🤬🤬🫤😡🙄😥RANT RANT and y'all get it. I've been to the border wall between San Diego and Tijuana and it felt like that, people so close and completely shut away from me, and an oppressive presence watching over keeping you from taking those few steps to get close and talk through the barrier. I was young and naive still and thought that the civil rights movement won. I learned I was so wrong. Felt like Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider totally out of my element in a world I didn't understand and about to be beat down by the realities of the deep seething malice under every action of the local and state government against the good and benefit of the people. Latoya Cantrell is a fucking criminal fucking off in Germany or some where that's done nothing but criticize and mock and ignore the citizens of new Orleans while enriching her self through the office. She should be following trump in a corruption trial.

  • In 'Abandonment of Public Education,' Louisiana to Allow Tax Dollars to Pay for Private Schools
  • I taught in Louisiana in an open enrollment charter school. The charter system there might as well be legal segregation. We were around 90% black students, while the much bigger nicer test-in charter school that we were right next to and could see through our windows all day was like 95% white. Guess what school got all the money, athletic fields, etc. our school didn't even have a gym in the decrepit 120 year old building that was falling apart around us. The two schools were supposed to share the athletic field between them when they transitioned from public schools to charter (post Katrina). The white school built a fence around it blocking access to our students.
    The whole charter system was a mess the entire time I worked with it.

  • Boebert ridiculed for fumbling sign of the cross during House Oversight Committee hearing
  • I grew up protestant-ish, we stopped going to church in the early 2000s. I've been to a few Catholic masses since then, it's like going to an exercise class. Sit down, stand up, kneel, stand up, sit down.... I was watching everyone around me to know what to do haha at least you get a little snack and wine. I learned the sign of the cross from Video games though, up, down, left, right, a,b,a,b, Amen.

  • POLITICO: 'A Governor Who Doesn't Seem to Have Much Interest in Governing Arkansas'
  • Between when I posted and now I've done some reading on her Wikipedia and news articles. She definitely isn't a Minor character anymore, it's looking possible that she'll be Trump's VP pick and the reason for her isolation from the press and extended public appearances is strategic to allow her to continue her agenda of turning her state into the prototype for their vision for the rest of the country, while trying to remain obscure and forgotten in the national news cycle until trump announces her at the 11th hour. She has huge support in Arkansas and a dad's governor/senator legacy to bolster her name. Arkansas support brought the Clinton's to the national stage, I wonder if the same will happen with Sanders? I genuinely fear her being in the office of vice president and possibly becoming president. It feels in line with "Project 2025" (I'm going to read it tonight finally, may post back with info from that) . She is an absolutely Cold and unfeeling person wearing a compassionate human mask from the dollar store. If she gets power she will abolish many government agencies like the department of education and reverse policies on everything the Biden administration enacted. Trump is a loud flamboyant idiot that brags about his crimes and plans, while she follows the Putin model of strictly controlling the people and Press around her. That's what scares me about her, that and the already obvious argument from her supporters about her dissenters being discriminating against people with disabilities (her eye condition).
    Remember she loosened child labor laws, and the kids crave for the mines memes.

    Sorry for this text block, my tldr is Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to be a serious person to pay attention to, rather than all the goons screaming for Media attention. 
  • POLITICO: 'A Governor Who Doesn't Seem to Have Much Interest in Governing Arkansas'
  • Are you in the US or another country? She's not really important except she was Trump's press secretary for a while and is the daughter of senator Mike Huckabee, so she has some influence and political sway with the Trump supporters, and likely will try to interfere with voting in Arkansas this November. 500+ people in Congress, 50 governors, the judges, all the people around the president and with Trump's Trials... There are way too many minor characters to keep track of all their nonsense, it's like a soap opera that's been going on for 250 years.

  • Orcas Just Sank Another Yacht
  • Haha I'm in San Diego and this reminded me that the Navy here has a special program they've had going since the 1960's training dolphins and seals to patrol the waters around the ships in the bay and attach inflatable buoy devices to any scuba divers that get too close.
    Here's the Wikipedia for the program: