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GNOME Foundation Announces Transition of Executive Director | Holly Million stepping down after 10 months
  • You should not accuse me of fallacies when I have not even argued that... My contempt is due to her actions. Using your example, if I have a problem that requires a healthcare professional, I don't think your prime minister would try to sell me things that have been proven useless but pretending otherwise, such as energy healing or homeopathy. Far from just beliefs, there is a big difference when one is actively harming others, especially for profit and there is information available about it.

  • Spain introduces porn passport to stop kids from watching smut
  • (it doesn’t tie your identity to the content you’re viewing, only the use of your credits)

    The website can't know this, but the government can easily (and I bet will) link an identity to a token, and know where and when it is used. It can also request metadata on usage of a token, which websites will no doubt want to store.

    That the government can track this sort of thing is bad enough, but I'm especially concerned that it or both parties will leak/share/sell their databases, allowing anyone to do the same.

  • Europol says mobile roaming tech is hampering crimefighters
  • I am not the least bit surprised coming from the authors of the "E2EE must be banned" and the main promoters of the ever lurking chat control law. One thing we have to hand it to europol, they are very transparent in their desire for a police state.

  • How to exclude flatpaks from TimeShift?
  • As the other user says, btrfs is well supported. In fact it is preferable in your case, as it allows you to use transparent compression for the whole system. In addition, btrfs snapshots are also drastically safer and faster.

  • Pride System Icon
  • Do you consider literally anything under an open source license to be relevant to open source ideology? I'm sure that if I make a folk replacing the flag with nyancat, [email protected] won't come to tell me that I should change the license and make warnings to those who report it, but to delete worthless nonsense.

    This is the same thing, and only holds up because lgtb related things generate controversy, either by X-phobes, people like the OP who use us as virtue signaling with low effort content, and of course those who are afraid to point out nonsense for fear of being vilified as X-phobes.

  • Pride System Icon
  • in response to Windows 11 users getting mad about a pride icon appearing on their task bar.

    I didn't hear about it, but the usual thing is that people get annoyed if you add unsolicited useless icons in the taskbar, especially if you do it with motivations related to politics or ideology.

    If anyone is naive enough to think this is going to support us in any way, I encourage you to just do something like change the wallpaper, and never run random executables, ever. Or, you know, you can also do something that has SOME impact.